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This is a large, cold room whose sole exit is to the north. In one corner there is a machine reminiscent of a clothes dryer. On its face is a switch which is labelled "START."

This archive is a home for interactive fiction (aka IF) games, development tools, game solutions, and programming examples, and for the Usenet newsgroups rec.arts.int-fiction and rec.games.int-fiction. We want this site to be a place where all things related to the art (and science) of interactive fiction can be consolidated.

We have collected as much as time permitted from many places all over the world. You may help us and the users of this archive by uploading missing or new items using this page. You will need to tell us what you've uploaded, what the file's version is, what its license (if any) is, and on what machines it runs. If we can't make heads or tails of an anonymous upload, we'll probably just delete it, so be sure to tell us about the file. There is a size limit for uploads; ask us if you have problems.

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