The IF Archive CSS Competition

The IF Archive Maintainers have challenged the world to make the Archive prettier. The competition is now over. It ran from January 5th to February 16th, 2009.

(For reference, here are the rules of the competition as we ran it.)

The Outcome

The last two columns are the number of ballots each entry appeared on, and the number of ballots it appeared first on. The final ranking was computed by my favorite Ranked Pairs algorithm.

1Chartist Chris Klimas 5244
2Very Simple One Eric Forgeot 172
"Black, Blue, Columns, Icons Dave C 152
4Sea Plain Andrew Plotkin 155
5Grey Mark J Musante 110
6Sans Serif Square Watts Martin 121
7The Original Andrew Plotkin 84
8The Café Paolo Pellegri 51
9Black and Tan Mark J Musante 72
10Simp1e Peter Mattsson 62
11Halo David Knott 51
12Color Blocks Example Andrew Plotkin 31

The Entries

Starting with the winner, and moving down the ranks of the Popular Choice vote: