ifwiki: Mystery House Taken Over

The Mystery House Taken Over project (2005) produced various 
remixes of a reverse-engineered version of Mystery House, 
the 1980 game by Roberta and Ken Williams.

# mhto-kit.tgz

The Mystery House Taken Over Occupation Kit
by Nick Montfort, Dan Shiovitz, and Emily Short.

# mhto-cadre.blb
tuid: hh73umb21dvxi9ns
ifwiki: Mystery House Makeover

Mystery House Makeover by Adam Cadre.

# mhto-dhan.blb
tuid: 9ghoc2b58dnr2f9h

Casa Tomada by dhan (in Spanish, release 0).

# mhto-flippy-disk.blb
tuid: ta8ayu6nlcitjuk4

Mystery House Kracked by the Flippy Disk.

# mhto-gentry.zip
tuid: kxc7cih23ylk15ee

[You wake up itching.] by Michael Gentry.

# mhto-lee-and-lee.zip
tuid: ye87s2rlfi6ftazw

Glass Boxes by Yune Kyung Lee and Yoon Ha Lee.

# mhto-original.blb
tuid: clc9a8hnvx79pabw

The MHTO reimplementation of Mystery House.

# mhto-rettberg.blb
tuid: 8daabazzeeat4n51

Mystery House Remixedup by Scott Rettberg.

# mhto-shiovitz.z5
tuid: o29cdkm67d56uckl
ifwiki: Where There's A Will

Where There's a Will by Dan Shiovitz.

# MHP.z8
tuid: 69q5074l0pa3
ifwiki: Mystery House Possessed

Mystery House Possessed, by Emily Short.
Release 1 / Serial number 050315

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