# arc602.tos

self-extracting archive with Arc version 6.02 and a shell
with a graphical user-interfece

# stzip24.tos

self-extracting archive with STZip version 2.4 (corresponding
to version 2.0.x on other machines). This archive doesn't create
a folder when it extracts; it needs 290 kB free disk space.

# zoo-atar.tos

ZOO 2.1 for Atari ST; self-extracting archive
NameLast modifiedSize

Parent Directory  -
arc602.tos1994-01-04 05:00 54K
Index1994-01-19 07:00 372
stzip24.tos1994-01-19 05:00 132K
zoo-atar.tos1993-06-23 04:00 91K

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