# arj241a.exe

ARJ version 2.41a, by Robert K Jung; self-extracting archive

# gzip124.zip

GNU zip version 1.2.4; uncompresses `*.z`, `*.gz`, and `*.Z` files

# lha213.exe

LHA version 2.13, by Haruyasu Yoshizaki; self-extracting archive

# nulibsrc.zip

NuLib v3.24 (January 1993), an archiver for NuFX
(Apple II ShrinkIt) files, by Andy McFadden.
C source code for Unix and DOS.
[source for NuLib v3.25 is available as
download-tools/unix/nulib-3.25.tar.Z, but the current
maintainer of NuLib has not tested v3.25 under DOS]

# nulib324.zip

NuLib v3.24 (January 1993), an archiver for NuFX
(Apple II ShrinkIt) files, by Andy McFadden.
DOS executable and documentation.
[file is linked to emulators/appleII/nulib324.zip]

# pk361.exe

PKpak version 3.61; last version of Phil Katz' ARC file utility;
self-extracting archive

# sciibin.zip

Extracts or views BinSCII files and several other
Apple II formats, by Marcel J.E. Mol.
C source code version 3.10 for UNIX and DOS.
[same contents as download-tools/unix/sciibin-3.1-et-al.tar.Z]

# tar4dos.zip

Reads and writes Unix tar (tape archive) files under DOS
by Mark H. Colburn

# teled212.zip
tuid: ag3hyv123dhr0rkv

TELEDISK version 2.12, by Sydex.
Transfers any diskette into a file and vice versa

# unz542x3.exe

UnZip 5.42 (28jun2001) by Info-ZIP, decompresses .zip files;
self-extracting archive

# zoo210.exe

ZOO version 2.10, by Rahul Dhesi; self-extracting archive

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nulib324.zip1995-12-19 05:00 61K
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pk361.exe1994-02-08 05:00 117K
sciibin.zip1993-11-09 05:00 19K
tar4dos.zip1994-04-18 04:00 37K
teled212.zip1996-02-23 05:00 92K
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