See <> for information about the
ZX Spectrum, its emulators, snapshots, and tools.


JPP version 1.0, by Arnt Gulbrandsen.
Emulates a Sinclair Spectrum 48k Z80-based computer on any PC
with at least a 386 processor and VGA graphics.
14 games included.

# mac-spectacle-155.hqx

Mac Spectacle, a ZX Spectrum emulator for the Macintosh,
version 1.5.5, by Guenter Woigk.  Needs System 7, an 68020+ or
PowerPC, Color QuickDraw, and QuickTime.


Spectrum Emulator Snapshot File Converter version 1.10,
originally by Henk de Groot, this version by Damien Burke,
converts between the snapshot formats of different emulators


UnQuill v0.12.0, by John Elliott.
Reads a snapshot (Spectrum, Commodore and CPC formats are
supported) of an adventure game written with the Quill, and

- Output textual listings of the game's data tables;
- Output Inform source code for the game;
- Output a Z-code version of the game;
- Run the game without an emulator.
- C source code, DOS and Win32 executables, plus documentation.

[file is linked from programming/quill/]


Sinclair ZX Spectrum Emulator by Gerton A. Lunter,
shareware version 3.05 (11nov96).
Emulates ZX Spectrum 48k model 2 or 3 and Spectrum 128k on any
PC with 640k base memory or EMS.
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