# renuntio.zip
tuid: 1ol146uk3ugpbl64

Renuntio, by Expio.

# caida_libre.zip

Caida libre V2, by Expio.
(from caad.es archive, under review)

# -bandera-.zip

Bandera, by pipo98.
(from caad.es archive, under review)

# relojero.zip
tuid: z7mqxbesdqylfmvd

La hija del relojero, by Expio.
31 mar 2008 (Adrift 4).
(the original competition entry is in

# vardock_bates-.zip

Vardock Bates v.1.0.2. (Adrift), by pipo98.
(from caad.es archive, under review)

# el_ascensor.zip

Archivo taf "El ascensor", by pipo98.
(from caad.es archive, under review)

# Locura.zip

Locura, by Vaky.
(from caad.es archive, under review)

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