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This directory contains data files of games written and compiled with
Derek T. Jones' Archetype programming laguange.
You need the interpreter from programming/archetype to play these games.

# gorreven.acx
tuid: abcm2cglt04exd3p

The Gorreven Papers, by Derek T. Jones.
To think of them was unspeakable; to speak of them was
unthinkable. They're in the wrong hands, and you, intrepid
agent that you are, went after them. But something went wrong
and now you're their prisoner! Escape with the Gorreven Papers -
and your life, if you can.

# starship.acx
tuid: ddpfjyd0gbjfunsi

The Starship Solitaire adventure, by Derek T. Jones.
Hidden objective - you've got to play it to find out what you
have to do! Awakened from suspended animation, alone on a
starship, the fate of the slumbering crew depends on you.

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