# CrimsonCrown.zip
tuid: 4s2f1f8kl0gbeioa

The Crimson Crown (Transylvania II), by Antonio Antiochia.
Originally released commercially by Penguin (later known
as Polarware). The current copyright holder,
Mark Pelczarski, has permitted free distribution.

# adventr.arc
ifwiki: Adventure
tuid: fft6pu91j85y4acv

Crowther & Woods' Colossal Cave (aka "Adventure"),
converted to Megamax C by Marvin W. Rasmussen.
(Source is not included in this archive, but
there is a pointer to the source.)

# bluesun.st
tuid: dpd6rvwf8rtkgcs1

Operation Blue Sunrise, by Creative Insanity.
Atari ST emulator disk image.

# dungeon.zoo
ifwiki: Zork (game)
tuid: 4gxk83ja4twckm6j

Atari version of Dungeon, the game that evolved
into Zork.  Source included.

# mind.zip
ifwiki: Mindfighter
tuid: 9nvnmr1eao7c4bwr

Mindfighter from Delta 4, now free according to
their web site.

# tess.arc
tuid: 0u4eqnk37mohejhu

Beyond the Tesseract version 2.0p for the Atari ST,
by David Lo.
(Source code is in </if-archive/games/source/>tess.tar.gz)

# titan.zip
tuid: 2m8w48nj61busghz

Titan Find from Delta 4, now free according to
their web site.

# unnkhz10.arc
tuid: u73rmw1qfiu62etl

Unnkulia One-Half: The Salesman Triumphant, AND
Unnkulia Zero: The Search for Amanda (playable demo)
Both are version 1.0, by D. A. Leary
[file is linked to </if-archive/games/adventions/atari/>unnkhz10.arc]

# uu1v301.arc
tuid: tyu4zalevqkvujk4

Unnkulian Underworld: The Unknown Unventure version 3.0
by D. A. Leary
[file is linked to </if-archive/games/adventions/atari/>uu1v301.arc]

# uu2v30.arc
tuid: 5t1frgm954xg9s8a

Unnkulian Unventure II: The Secret of Acme version 3.0
by David M. Baggett
[file is linked to </if-archive/games/adventions/atari/>uu2v30.arc]
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