This directory contains games that run on the PET series of 8-bit computers
produced by Commodore Inc. during the 1980s.


A set of adventure games for the C64 and CBM PET.
D64 disk image and de-tokenized BASIC source code.
Contains the following games:

- A condensed port of Adventure (aka Colossal Cave),
by Jim Butterfield
- Haunted Mansion, by John O'Hare
- Quest, by Roger Chaffee, adapted by David A. Hook

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David Malmberg's conversion of Dog Star Adventure
for the Commodore PET. The original was created by
Lance Micklus for the TRS-80 and later published as
a type-in in Softside Magazine May 1979. It is
considered to be the first adventure to have had
its source code published.
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