As the Orc lets out a gutteral roar I immediately turn on my heal and run narrowly miss being hit by the club. As I sprint to the third door and fling it open I hear a small click. \n\n[As you open the door a ball of fire engulfs you and the Orc charring you both and when it reaches the first room the gasoline ignites blowing up the entrance to the cave.]\n\nGame over.
I look down and I’m wearing a soft white garment that goes down to my knees. Reminds me of the blouse I wear at SCA events. Getting a little weirded out because someone must of undressed me while I was out, I get up. My legs feel like rubber and I have to lean against the wall until they feel steady.\n\nThe door opens and a girl walks in. She is dressed in beautiful chainmail and plate armor. I start to drool thinking, I would kill my first born for armor like that. You have completely overlooked the grey wings that are coming out of her back.\n\nShe says “I was starting to get a little worried. The first time you teleport can be hard on a being.”\n\nMy jaw drops. “Teleportation? What in the hell do you want with me?”\n\nShe replies, “You are special. I was told how to find you and when to be there. It is all for your safety that you are here at all. If those in Midgard knew what you are then they would've used you as a lab rat till you died alone and miserable.\n\nMy knees went weak at that thought. “Then what am I? I see a person glow with what seems to be an inner light and they get brighter and brighter until THEY DIE. I lost my best friend and my little foster brother. Do you know how hard it is to know that someone is gonna die?”\n\n“You are gonna be fun. That is good. You will recover faster and live longer here.” She chuckled. “Here is Asgard. And the rest I will tell you after we do something. Here we need to get you ready. We can’t keep them waiting.” \n\n[[You throw a fit and refuse to get dressed.]]\n[[You go along with her because you might get some answers. ]]
You don’t think that anyone stole the necklace, because you think you’re the one\nwho lost it. You decide it would be best to run away. As you are escaping you fall\ninto a deep hole and can’t get out. Your magic won’t let you escape either. You spend the rest of your days in the hole.\n\nThe End\n\nGo back to the [[Start]] of the story.
It took three hours and a "borrowed" van but I managed to steal every last coin in the room without anyone noticing. I returned Freya's necklace and she gave me her thanks and assurance that Loki would not be a problem in the future. I returned home and began planning a new life with my acquired fortune happily thinking that I now didn't have to rent a van to move. My thoughts wandered to thinking just how pissed Loki would be when he finds out what I did; gold coins... $3 million, historical art... $5 million, the look on Loki's face when he opens the door... priceless.\n\nEnd
Bryndis put her hand on your back and says “There is nothing to worry about. Our Lord is a good being but we all must remember that he is a God and they think differently than we do. Only if you do him, or whom he counts as his, wrong will there be retaliation against you.”\n\nYou take a deep breath and shake your head yes. “I am terrified of all of this but I still want answers.” You take a step towards the door.\n\n[[Go thru the door.]]
Working for Loki isn't so bad. I have a new house and I get to use my skills quite often. Of course I can't show my face around Freya again but Loki says as long as I keep my end of the bargain I have nothing to worry about.\n\nEnd
After a few minutes you hear footsteps outside your door leaving. You are relieved that\nsomeone didn’t just come in. You’re still puzzled and confused. A few moments later there’s\nanother knock on the door. “Who is it?” you yell. “It’s nobody.” You recognize that voice;\nit’s the stranger who was there earlier. “Come on in,” you say. The stranger comes in. She\nhas brought breakfast with her. It looks like a buffet almost. You think about the knock you\nheard earlier and ask her if it was her. The stranger looks puzzled, “I didn’t knock on the\ndoor. And if they didn’t tell you who it was, it wasn’t one of our people.” You are glad you\ndidn’t let them in. “The king would like to see you as soon as you’re done with breakfast,”\nthe stranger says.\n\n[[Eat your breakfast and meet the king]]\n[[Avoid seeing the king, you are working out a way to escape]]
I was able to sneak into the underworld and find Loki's cave without being discovered. Once inside the cave I notice that there are 3 door down the hall all of which are locked. \n\n[[Open the first door]]\n\n[[Open the second door]]\n\n[[Open the third door]]
“I’m not going anywhere until you tell me what is going on.” I reply after I fold my arms and sit. “You can’t make me.”\n\n“Hilda, I’m sorry but I don’t have permission to tell you anything more.” She says with a sad look. “I will come back later to see if you have changed your mind.”\n\nShe walks to the door but before she grabs the handle you ask, “What is your name anyways?”\n\n“Its Bryndis.” As she grabs the handle and walks out.\n\nYou sit there for what seems like hours. Another lady walks in and starts to clean around the room. She completely ignores your attempts to chat with her. A little while later she leaves at a knock on the door to come right back in with a tray of food. She sits it down on the dresser on the other side of the room. She leaves again. I wait for about 15 minutes and nobody comes in.\n\n[[Eat the food.]]\n[[Let the food sit.]]
After circling the building I found a fire escape and quitely climbed to the second floor and forced open the window. Upon entering I was momentarily dumbstruck by what I saw. The room was full of gold, treasure, and valuable art. Everything here looks like it would fetch a high price. In the center of the room on a pedistal I see Freya's necklace, even more beautiful than she described. Suddenly, I hear footsteps outside the door and a key being inserted into the lock.\n\n[[Grab the necklace and head out the window]]\n\n[[Position yourself to assinate the person coming through the door]]\n\n[[Hide behind a mound of gold.]]
Crazy people, you think to yourself. You decide to try to find your way home\ninstead. As you’re walking to what you think is home, you find a little path and decide to\ntake it. It’s very dark so you use magic to light the way for yourself, but you can only see\nwhat’s 3 feet in front of you. As you’re walking, you hear what sounds like footprints. You\nturn around, but there’s nothing there. You keep walking through the path, though now you\nare very scared. You keep hearing footsteps, but you never see anything. When you’re\nfinally about to exit the creepy path, you hear a roar and see a wolf running towards you.\nYou’re too panicked to do anything; you just stand there horrified. The wolf eats your face\nand you die.\n\nThe End\n\nGo back to the [[Start]] and play another story
As a portly, balding man walks through the door I clap my hand over his mouth and sink my blade into his back. I do not remove my hand until I cannot feel his breath. When from behind me I hear a slight snicker, look through the door, and see Loki standing there with an amused look on his face. "You've done very well to get this far and I must congratulate you. But if you take that necklace I will hunt you down. So you have a choice; either work for me or die; the choice is yours."\n\n[[Accept Loki's offer to work for him]]\n\n[[Grab the necklace and head out the window]]
You agree to leave with Loki. “I’ll explain everything once we get to my palace.” Palace?\nYou think to yourself. Why would he live in a palace? You hold off asking him because he\nsaid he would explain. Loki takes you to his palace on a carriage. You feel the carriage\nmoving super-fast, but you don’t want to look out the window. “We’re here!” Loki exclaims.\nHe holds the door open for you to get out. As you step out of the carriage, you notice that\nthis place looks a lot different from where you were before. “Where exactly are we?” You\nask Loki. “We’re at my home, in the underworld.” Loki replies. “Underworld?” you ask\nhim. “Yes, I am Loki, God of the underworld. You ask him why you were brought to this\n\nstrange place and why you are able to see a glowing light around people when they are\ngoing to die. “I can tell you or I can show you” he says.\n\n[[Have Loki tell you]]\n[[Have Loki show you]]
You run over to King Odin and tell him that you think someone stole the\nnecklace. “I can’t find it!” you exclaim. “All I found was this jewel; it was on the\nnecklace, but it must have fallen off.” King Odin looks at you with a frown upon\nhis face. “Hilda, we need that necklace to make you become great.” King Odin\nresponds. “I will send you to my wife,” King Odin says, “She’ll help you retrieve the\nnecklace.” You are taken to see Odin’s wife, Freya. You arrive at her study. “I am\nFreya, goddess of beauty, love, and destiny. How can I assist you?” she kindly\nasks. “I am Hilda, the wizardess, your husband Odin sent me to you. I seem to\nhave lost or had stolen the necklace of jewels. King Odin said I would need it to\nbecome the greatest wizardess there ever was. Can you help me locate it?” you\nask her. “Of course I can; I created that necklace after all.” Freya responds."If you\ncreated the necklace, then why do I have it?" you ask Freya. "It was appointed to\nyou, because you were the only one that I trusted to keep it safe. Loki, the king\nof the underworld, has been after it for many years. You had kept if safe for all\nthese years, but now that you've come to Asgard, it has somehow disappeared."\nFreya explains. You follow Freya as she motions you to do so. "This crystal ball will\ntell me exactly where the necklace is, but I need you to use some of your magic\nto help me with this." she tells you. You agree and within moments the crystal\nball starts glowing and you can see exactly where the necklace is. It is in the\npossession of Loki in the underworld. "you must go to the underworld alone and\nretrieve the necklace," Freya tells you.\n\n[[Go to the underworld alone to retrieve the necklace]]\n[[Don't go but help Freya and Odin from Asgard]]\n[[Decide not to go or to help them but start your journey to find your way home]]
E.\nYou decide to eat breakfast and then to meet the king when you are\nfinished. To finish faster, you use a magic spell to make everything shrink. Once\nyou have finished you tell the stranger that you are ready to see the king. She\nsuggests that you clean up before meeting the king. You use another one of\nyour spells to get clean. You’re so anxious to meet the king and can’t wait. The\nstranger then agrees to take you to the king. You finally leave the tower and\nnotice how beautiful it is outside. The stranger takes you on a path surrounded\nby beautiful roses. Suddenly, you come to a stop; in front of you are two white\nwooden doors that look as if they’re 20 feet tall. It takes 4 men to open each door.\nYou are directed to go inside alone. You feel scared since the stranger won’t be\nat your side anymore. You walk up to the king sitting on his throne, but you say\nnothing. “My name is King Odin, I am the king of all,” he says. “I have brought you\nto Asgard, because you are special,” the king says. “You’re the one that brought\nme here? Why did you bring me? How am I special? When can I go home?” you\nsay. The king stops you there, please let me finish. You let him speak. “You are\nHilda, the wizardess. You possess something of great value that can help you\nimmensely in your training to become the best wizardess there ever was. It’s a\nnecklace made of many jewels.” You remember taking it off before you got clean\nand leaving it in the tower where you were. “I left it in the tower before I came\nhere your majesty,” you tell the king. “May you retrieve it at this moment?” he\nasks you. You tell him that you’ll be right back. You go back to the tower, but it’s\nnowhere to be found. You look everywhere and ask the stranger if she’s seen it.\nShe replies, “Not since you took if off to get clean.” You see something sparkle in\nthe corner. You walk over to it; it is one of the jewels that was on the necklace.\n\n[[Run to King Odin and tell him that you assume someone stole it]]\n[[Assume that you lost it and the king will be angry, so you run away]]
You think it’s best to keep the spell on you. You don’t want people to die, who you have\na chance to save. Loki sends you back home and you try to help people from passing\naway. You are successful, as you had helped all, but one, of the people. However, you are\nsummoned by King Odin once again. You awake in a tower and are told to eat the breakfast\nthat has been given you.\n[[Eat your breakfast and meet the king]]\n[[Avoid seeing the king, you are working out a way to escape]]
Thief.. Gets kicked out of homes. Kept getting caught stealing from everywhere. Self trained to be able to sneak into homes undetected while the family was sleeping. \n\n[[Speak with Freya]]
You open the door and there is a man standing there. It is not the stranger that was there before. “Who are you?” you ask him. He is a rather pale man with a serious expression on his face. “My name is Loki” the man says. “What is your name?” You hesitate at first because the man seems suspicious, but then you answer “Hilda, my name is Hilda”.\n\nLoki gets a surprised look on his face. “Hilda, the wizardess I presume,” he says. “Yes, that is me. How did you know I was a wizardess?” you ask him.\n\n“No time to explain,” he says. “We must go now”.\n\n[[You go with the man Loki]]\n\n[[You refuse to leave with him and yell for someone to hear you]]
You’re already too freaked out to stay and meet the king. You skip breakfast and run\npast the stranger as she’s setting up the table. “Hilda!” you hear the stranger yell at you.\nYou use one of your magic spells to teleport yourself elsewhere; but when you teleport it’s\nto the top of a hill and you tumble down the side. You pass out from hitting your head on a\nrock. When you wake up, you’re not in Asgard anymore. This place seems like a place you\nremember. You’re lying in a bed and realize you were just having a dream.\n\nThe End\n\nGo back to the [[Start]] to begin the story again.
I was summoned by Freya becuase she heard that I am the best mortal thief and she needed my assistance to get back her necklace that was stolen by Loki. The necklace is gold and encrusted with diamonds and amber and was broken down into multiple pieces. Freya has been looking into the necklace's where abouts and believes that the necklace is being hidden in one of 2 places the [[underworld or earth]].\n\n[[Go to the underworld]] \n\n[[Go to earth]]\n\n
With little difficulty I found the restaurant and through the store window I see that Loki and a large group of is men are sitting around and happily conversing.\n\n[[Go through the front door]]\n\n[[Find another way in]]
Fenrir leads you to the stables"Well lets go to the Underworld first. Where is Loki?" I ask.“And how much time do we have to get this done and back here to Midgard?”\n\n"He is being distracted at Hogwarts. Not sure doing what." Fenrir replies. \n\n"Good can you teleport us directly to his lair?" I ask. "I think we can handle anything he has left there to protect the necklace. Now where is this portal?”\n\nFenrir points to the back wall and says “Walk thru the wall and it will teleport us there. Be ready for anything. I will lead the way and Bryndis will follow up last. Hilda just follow me and we will get this done.” He starts walking and I follow thru what looks like a solid wall.\n\nEverything starts spinning around me. I hear a voice calling my name and I think I moved towards it. Next thing I see is a dim cave with what looks like a foot of dust on everything. \n\n"Well I'm making a guess that nothing is here now if it ever was." I say after taking a look around. "Lets go to Earth."\n\n[[Go to Midgard (Earth).]]
As you enter the restaurant and warmly greet the occupants a dead silence falls over the room, which is only broken when Loki jumps to his feel and shouts, "Kill him!" Without another thought the other patrons leap to their feet and proceed to beat you to a bloody pulp.\n\nGame over... why did you think the front door was a good idea?
Fenrir leads you to the stables and says, “Okay, lets change our looks. Bryndis is in charge of that. We need 3 illusions of bland people. Give us faces, outfits, etc. so when someone looks at us they would never recognize us again. Utility workers, pest control, or even the cable guy will work. Now Hilda what sounds best to you?”\n\n“How much time do we have to get this done and back here to Midgard?” I ask. “Bryndis can you turn off the power in the building or make a pipe burst? In the movies they have limits on that stuff so I don’t want to misjudge your abilities.”\n\n“We have one week to find the necklace,” Bryndis replies, “The only limit I have found is that of my imagination. I can arrange either one just tell me which one and where.”\n\n“Do you remember what I was wearing when I was brought here? Just a t-shirt, jeans, and shoes?” Bryndis nods. “Okay put us in dark color variations of those clothes. Is our armor still effective and will all they see is what we want them to see?” Bryndis nods again. “Great! This will work out fine. Now where is this portal?”\n\nFenrir points to the back wall and says “Walk thru the wall and it will teleport us to a safe spot near his restaurant. Loki isn’t very original. It is an Italian restaurant. When he is on Earth he never leaves the place. I know that he is not on this realm for the moment or he would be able to sense our arrival. I will lead the way and Bryndis will follow up last. Hilda just follow me and we will get this done.” He starts walking and I follow thru what looks like a solid wall.\n\nEverything starts spinning around me. I hear a voice calling my name and I think I moved towards it. Next thing I see is a dim room around me. It looks like a basement with boxes and other stuff that seems to be in storage.\n\n“Are you both ok? If so lets get moving. The sooner we get topside the sooner we can get back to Asgard and training for the next project.” Fenrir states as he starts towards the door.\n\n“We need the nearest library or cyber cafe to look up the building plans for the restaurant. This will give us a better idea on what to expect when we get there.” I say while following Fenrir up the stairs. He leads us out of the building and conveniently there is a Cyber Coffee across the street. “That will work. Do you guys know how to use a computer?” They both shake their head no. “Ok... Anybody have any American money for copies and such?”\n\n“People will just not notice us and we will get what we need.” Fenrir says. “They know we are here but won’t care.”\n\n“And if I wanted a coffee?” I ask.\n\n“Ask and they will make it but not notice that they didn’t charge you for it.” He replies.\n\n“That is epic.” I laugh out loud. “Lets go get what we need.” We cross the street and go into the shop. I grab a coffee and then a computer and easily pull up the building plans after getting the location of the restaurant from Fenrir. “Print and done. Lets go find a food place where we can look this over and plan what is next.” I go to the counter and ask for the best pizza place in town. We are in Chicago after all.\n\nWe go outside and a taxi pulls up as if by magic. The driver pulls up to the pizza place and we go in. We take a table in the back, order a deep dish pizza, and pull out the building plans. “Now here is the entrance.” I point to a spot on the page. “We need something to make enough of a mess for them to have to schedule someone to come in and clean overnight. How about the sewer system backs up? Or one of the fridges/ freezer loses power? Something that can be a real enough illusion but needs a crew called in. Bryndis which one would be easiest to do and hold?”\n\n“Probably the sewer backing up. All I have to do is push sewage from the drains here, here, and here.” As she points to spots on the map. “Back up all the toilets and wa-la. Somewhere nobody wants to be. Lets make some flyers up and pass around the neighborhood. It will give us the night to get the place searched for the necklace and then hopefully back to Asgard. If not we know where Loki stays in the underworld while he is there. Two days here and maybe another two days there.”\n\n“Okay lets enjoy the pizza, find a place to stay for the night, and get going early tomorrow morning. I don’t mean to be bossy but I have the impression that I am supposed to get it done and you are here for support and info on Loki’s normal haunts. I really don’t want to offend either of you because I know we will probably end up friends after this and at the very least I will need your help during the whole process.”\n\nFenrir laughs, “I think you are doing fine. And you are exactly right. We have been ordered to be support but the ideas have to come from you. I agree with everything you have done so far. None of us are thieves to get in undetected.”\n\nWe all laughed at that and dug into the pizza.\n\nThe next morning we went back to the Cyber Coffee to print out some flyers and then off to the street to pass them out. I had Bryndis put a real companies info on all but the one flyer that we dropped at Loki’s restaurant. His looked exactly the same except if they called the number on it they would actually be dialing the prepaid phone number that we had just activated.\n\n“All right Bryndis set the illusion of sewage to go off at the end of the lunch rush with it steadily getting worse thru dinner rush. We should get a call around that time.” I say nervously. “I hope I can keep it together until then.”\n\n“Spell is set. Lets find a place to hang out until they call.” Bryndis replies.\n\nIt is about 2 hours later and the phone rings. “H&B Sewage Issues. We clean up stuff you don’t want to mention. This is Helen. How can I help you?” I breathe into the phone.\n\n“Um, yeah I need immediate help at Loki’s Italian Place on 35th St and 9th. Everything is backing up. I can’t hide it from the customers and the smell won’t get out of my nose. It’s freaking gross. How fast can you get here?” From a deep male voice with a hint of panic in it.\n\n“We can be there in 30 minutes. I have a crew just a little ways from you finishing up a job. Who do I have them ask for?” I reply to the voice.\n\n“That sounds great. Have your people ask for Tony. They will get me.” Tony says.\n\n“We will be there. We guarantee a better day after we are gone.” I say as I hang up the phone.\n\n“That was faster than I expected. I guess someone has a sensitive nose.” I laughed. “Lets get moving. We have 30 minutes. The van we are “borrowing” is out back. Bryndis don’t forget to set the illusions on us and the van”\n\nWe drive to the restaurant and there is a definite aroma coming from the place. Open the door and the stench about knocked me on my feet. There is a girl at the front door with a cloth over her nose.\n\nFenrir asks her, “Is Tony here? He called us about an issue.”\n\n“Yes... Come right this way.” She leads us down a long hall to an office and opens the door for us. “Tony they are here. Can I go home? I’m gonna lock the front door because nobody is gonna come in to eat with this smell.”\n\nTony waves her away saying, “ You are right. Have everybody else go home also. Have an evening off on me.”\n\n“Thank you Tony,” she says with relief. She closes the door as she leaves the room.\n\n“You guys are early. Thanks for getting here. Let me show you the mess and you can give me a time frame as to how long it will take for cleanup.” Tony says as he leaves the office.\n\nHe takes you back to the kitchen and there is a thin layer of sewage on the floor. He points out the drain on the floor. He then leads everybody to both bathrooms and shows you the drains in them also with a layer of sewage.\n\n“So what do you think?” He asks Fenrir.\n\n“Well we should be able to have this cleaned up in a few hours. I need to figure out the issue and then my assistants can help me clean up afterwards. It will cost only $400 because we are trying to build our business. All we ask for you to get the discount is to mention us to your friends and family.”\n\n“Sounds good. What do you need from me?” Tony replies.\n\n“Well just leave us alone for a bit. If you like you can lock us in here and I will call you when we are done. “ Fenrir says.\n\n“That sounds good to me. I am done with the stench.” He says with relief. “Here is my number. Call me however late it is and I will let you out.” He hands Fenrir his card as he walks out the front.\n\n“Thank goddess, can we drop these illusions? They make my eyes itch.” I ask.\n\n“Nope, there is at least 4 cameras recording video.” Fenrir states. “We need to start looking for the necklace and then I can teleport us out of here.”\n\n“Lets all take a room. Check for hidden doors, a safe, anything.” I reply. “Bryndis can you get the stench gone and hide what we are actually doing?”\n\n“Sure. Stench/sewage spell is gone. And the cameras will only show us cleaning it up. I will take the kitchen. Fenrir where do you want to check first?”\n\n“I will check the office.” He replies.\n\n“Then I will do the dining room.” I state as I walk that direction. I start looking under tables and knocking on the walls. After 30 minutes I step back and yell out, “Hey guys, check this out. You will never believe this.”\n\nThe both come running and look at the wall I am pointing at. We all break out laughing. The necklace is in the center of the wall artfully displayed in a shadow box.\n\n“Well can’t say anything about his originality. Lets grab it and go. They can have the cleanup on us since we are the ones that did it.” I say as I move to get it down. “Fenrir where do I carry this thing?”\n\n“Just take it right thru that wall its hanging on. We will be right behind you.” He replies.\n\nI move to the wall and thru it coming out in the Great Hall where Odin and Freya are still chatting.\n\n“Here is your necklace back. You will never believe where he had it. Can I go to bed? My energy just disappeared.” I say as I put the shadow box with necklace on the dias.\n\nOdin replies with a smile, “ Thank you for your efforts. Be my guest and go lay down for a bit. We will get the story from the two others.”\n\nThe End\n\nGo back to the [[Start]] to play another story
As I opened the door a massive orc turns and look me dead in the eye, after a moment he points at me and lifts a club\n\n[[Stand and fight]] \n\n[[Run away and open the third door]]
You wish not to see death anymore. Loki says a spell and you see lights all around you\nand you feel a strange tickle all over your body. Loki finishes the spell and then looks over\nat you. “Done.” he says, “You will no longer see death coming”. “Thank you.” you reply. “I\nwill now send you back home, Hilda.” Loki says. And within minutes you’re back home, in\nyour own house. You live the rest of your life wondering what would have happened if you\nkept the spell upon yourself.\n\nThe End\n\nGo back to the [[Start]] to play another story
You think it’s best to keep the spell on you. You don’t want people to die, who you have\na chance to save. Loki sends you back home and you try to help people from passing\naway. You are successful, as you had helped all, but one, of the people.\n\nThe End\n\nGo back to the [[Start]] to play another path
As I draw my dagger and charge the orc swings his club at my head but I narrowly avoid it. Then with all my strength I slash his throat and after a moment of writhing he falls lifeless to the floor. \n\n[[Open the first door]]\n\n[[Open the third door]]
I walk over to the food to check it out. It looks good but not worth the risk of there being something added that might be harmful. I start looking in all the drawers and corners to entertain myself. In the armoire I find a suit of armor that looks to be my size. The fire starts to die down so I add more wood.\n\nAfter about 2 hours of waiting Bryndis walks in and there is a large male figure behind her wings. He steps out from behind her and I swallow, trying hard not to run and hide in the nearest corner. Where his head should of been was the head of a black haired wolf. The rest of him was a nice figure of a man.\n\nBryndis smiled and blushed as she made introductions. “Fenrir, this is Hilda. She is who I was telling you about.”\n\nThe wolf head replies, “Hello, How are you feeling after everything that has happened?”\n\n“Am I in a nightmare?” You retort. “First I wake up and I meet an armored angel and now a werewolf. I have had some weird dreams but this is a doozy.”\n\n“No, no.” Bryndis says. “This is real. You are really in Asgard. I really have wings. And Fenrir can be a man and wolf at the same time. We still aren’t allowed to tell you what you are doing here but I hope this helps to get you to believe in us.”\n\n“I don’t know but what do I need to do to get more information?” You say in a quiet voice.\n\n“Lets get you dressed and then we can go.” Bryndis goes over to the armoire and pulls out the armor you had seen earlier. She holds it up for you and you notice the armor splits in the back leaving your back bare from neck to waist. Kinda weird way to design armor but you put it out of your mind, and you walk right into the arms. Goddess armor is heavy. Bryndis does all the straps and buckles up on the armor and then heads to the door indicating that you and Fenrir follow her. She leads you through a bunch of passageways and stops you at a huge beautiful door. You noticed that Fenrir disappeared somewhere on the way.\n\n[[Continue]]
The aroma is strangely familiar and it reminds me of something flammable \n\n[[Open the second door]]\n\n[[Open the third door]]\n\n[[Go to earth]]
I wipe the tears away and decide that I better stretch out before whatever is scheduled happens. I work out my neck and shoulders before there is a knock on the door.\n\nBryndis walks in, “Good you're awake. First thing is food, then to the pools to wash off, and last off to training with Fenrir. I know you will enjoy working with him. He will teach you stuff about how to fight with a sword that you never knew was possible. Oh, and I’m sorry about not telling you what to expect but those are the rules.”\n\nI look at the tray she brought in and there is a healthy serving of meat and potatoes with another goblet of the Mead. I couldn’t stop myself from wanting another taste of that divine liquid. I sit down and grab the goblet. I take a sip and it has the same wondrous flavor. I put it down to grab some of the other food and I feel strength building up in my limbs.\n\n“Are you done?” She asks after the last crumb is gone from the plate.\n“Ya, lets get to the next thing. I need to get out of this room and see some sky. I hate being cooped-up indoors for too long. I think I could run a marathon with how good I feel.” As I jump up and move towards the door.\n\n“Well you do need to wait for me before anything. You would get lost pretty easily on your own.” She chuckles while walking past you to take the lead.\n\nI follow her through the passageways and you come out looking at a huge courtyard with people going to and fro. She leads me to a long shallow building that has steam coming out of where the roof should be. You both go thru the doors and there is a giant pool in the middle of the room. There is another Valkyrie across the way that strips off her dress and jumps in.\n\nI give Bryndis a look and she says, “You can walk in with your dress on and then do whatever you need to. Its what I do.” And she proceeds to do just that, tossing the sodden dress to the side. “Here is the soap and don’t worry about getting the water dirty. The pool will re-circulate in clean water. Enjoy!”\n\nAfter repeating what Bryndis just did I go straight for the soap and lather up. After completing 3 cycles of rinse-lather-repeat I finally feel clean again. I look over at Bryndis and she is watching for me to be finished. I move over to her and she asks, ”Are you ready to start your training? I know that you have had some in swordswork but have you had any other training like hand-to-hand combat or archery?”\n\n“I am told I’m a natural with a sword and haven’t had the time/money/teacher for anything else. I want to learn about all of the combat arts.” I start bouncing in excitement at just the thought of learning about these things.\n\nBryndis laughs at me saying, “Ok lets get moving then. Fenrir will enjoy knocking you on your backside. Here is a clean set of clothes and your armor.” She points to the benches lining the side of the pool. “And here is a towel to get you to the dressing rooms on the side.” Handing me a towel as big as a small blanket. “Go get dressed and let me know when you need the help with your armor.”\n\nI take the towel and scurry over to my stuff and then to the dressing rooms. Get everything on except the straps of the armor as you step out of the room, “Bryndis would you do these up for me? I can’t get to them.”\n\n“I will show you the trick next time.” As she gets them done for you.\n\nShe leads you out of the bathhouse toward the sound of metal hitting metal and groans of pain. I can see Fenrir giving a sword lesson to another Valkyrie where he is showing them their openings by hitting them.\n\n“You know you should never fight while angry. That is how I beat you. Now go away and think about what happened here today. I know you are better than this.” He turns and walks towards us. As he is doing so his head changes to that of a normal human male.\n\nHe gets up to the fence and asks, “Will this be better for you? I have read the stories and seen the movies of what you call werewolves. I can understand the fear you may have for me in that state.”\n\nI shake my head and quietly say, “Yes, I think it will help. Bryndis was telling me that you are going to be teaching me the art of combat. I have little to no knowledge about hand-to-hand but in the many areas of the country I have lived my teachers in the SCA have said I am a natural with the sword. I was about to be knighted in the last place I was at but then I was moved to another home again.”\n\n“Thats good. Then you have some basics. Lets get started.” Fenrir says after he hands you a practice sword. He then proceeds to give you the worst thrashing in your life. While youlat on the ground recovering from the upteenth time of being dropped he comments, “You might survive. Be prepared, because you will be sent on a quest tonight and can’t come back until you retrieve what was lost.”\n\n“Okay... What should I expect?” I ask Fenrir & Bryndis. “Will I have someone helping me or am I stuck all on my own?”\n\n“Each quest is different for each person. All I know is that Freya is in charge of this one.” Fenrir says with a worried look on his face. “I have prepared you as much as I can in the time that I have.”\n\n“But, but, but....” and my voice trails off. I move away to think. “Well I guess I will see what happens. Can I go back to my room till dinner?”\n\n“Rest and drink some Mead. It will rejuvenate your body and mind for the challenge ahead.” Fenrir state as he waves you both off. Bryndis leads me to my room.\n\n[[Ask to have a few minutes to yourself.]]\n[[Ask Bryndis to come in and answer questions.]]
I heard the key turning in the lock I crouched behind a mound of gold so I could get a look the who was coming through the door without being seen. As a portly, balding man enters the room he walks directly to the pedistal and stares momentarily at the necklace and then around the room. He turns around and leaves the room pocketing two gold coins he picked up from the floor. As he shuts the door I hear him shout, "Yeah Boss, the necklace is safe and the room is secure." As the lock clicks I take a deep breath a decide what to do next.\n\n[[Grab the necklace and head out the window]]\n\n[[Grab the necklace and everything in the room]]
“What is your name and what do I wear?” I ask.\n\n“Its Bryndis. And I have it right here.” Bryndis pulls a suit of armor out that resembles hers from an armoire sitting across the room.\n\n“Oh my!” You breathe. Practically drooling, “This is mine?”\n\n“Of course. We can’t have you unprotected. Lets get this on you.” She replies.\n\nThe armor splits in the back leaving your back bare from neck to waist. Kinda weird way to design armor but you put it out of your mind, and you walk right into the arms. Goddess armor is heavy. Bryndis walks to the door after doing all the straps and buckles up and you follow her. She leads you through a bunch of passageways and stops you at a huge beautiful door. \n\n[[Continue]]
AS you open the door you hear a small click sound and the ast thing you see is a gigantic ball of fire engulf you, the fire reaches the closest room to the cave entrance egniting the gas blowing up the entire cave and sealing the entrance up.\n\n\nGame Over...Thanks for playing
You set out to the Underworld alone. You are given new spells to help you\nin your quest to retrieve the lost necklace. You travel for a couple of days until you finally\nreach the Underworld. You start looking for the necklace all over the place. Freya gave you\na spell to tell you exactly where the necklace is, but it’s only good for a few seconds. You\nsay the spell and are given the exact coordinates of the necklace. You run to that exact\nspot, trying very carefully not to be seen by anyone. But when you get there, the necklace is\nnowhere to be found. You’re frantically look around the room it was supposed to be in. You\nsee no trace of it whatsoever. You decide to use the spell again; the necklace is\nsomewhere totally different, not even close to where you are now. Just as soon as you’re\ngoing to leave the room, someone comes in and finds you lurking around. “What are you\ndoing in here? This is a private area, no one is allowed in without Loki’s permission. What’s\nyour name?” the suspicious man asked. “My name is Hilda.” you tell him. “I’m looking for\nsomething that was stolen from me, a necklace made of many jewels.” you tell the\nman. “I’ve seen the necklace, Loki had it with him last time I saw him. So, you’re saying this\nwas your necklace and he stole it from you?” the man asks. “Yes, I took it out to get clean\nand left it in my room, but by the time I got back it was gone.” you tell him. “Well that ain’t\nvery nice of him, now is it. I can’t stand thieves.” the man tells you. I will help you find Loki.\nYou tell him you have a spell to locate the necklace. You say the spell and you both know\nwhere the necklace is now. The man says he has a way of getting around, so you decide to\nturn to his type of transportation instead of running around everywhere. The man has 2\nblack horses; “One for you and one for me,” he says. The horses are way faster than you\nwould have ever been and you find Loki at the next stop. “Loki!” you scream. Loki turns\naround and sees you; he tries to escape in his carriage. His horses are running at extreme\nspeeds. Suddenly, you see something shiny fly through one of the windows. You stop to\nsee what it is. It’s the necklace, Loki must have dropped it without noticing because he was\nstill speeding off. You get back on the horse and turn around. You find your way back to\nAsgard and tell King Odin and Freya that you have succeeded. They are very happy you\nhave found the necklace and throw a feast in your favor. You ask about the ability to see\ndeath coming and they tell you what happened. It was a spell, a dark spell, that you used\nwithout knowing what it was. They tell you that you must get rid of the spell. “It will haunt\nyou forever.” Freya tells you. They call forth Loki, for he is the only one who knows how to remove the spell. Very angry from losing the necklace, Loki arrives. “What is it you want\nfrom me?” he asks. “We would like you to remove the death spell from Hilda.” King Odin\nreplies. “Why should I help you? What do I get in return?” he asks. King Odin whispers\namong Freya and then replies “We will give you the necklace of jewels when we are\nfinished with them.” Loki looks surprised, “I will do it,” he says. Loki tells you that you can\nkeep the spell to help people who are going to die and you ask why King Odin and Freya\ndidn’t tell you this. They looked shocked as why you would actually want to keep the spell\nupon yourself. “It’s torture.” they tell you. “Can I have a few minutes to decide what I want to\ndo?” you ask. “Of course,” King Odin replies.\n\n[[Get rid of seeing death]]\n\n[[Keep seeing death and try to help people]]
“Get out of here!” You yell at Loki. “You must be insane if you think I want to go with\nyou. Somebody help me!” you yell at the top of your lungs. You both hear many footsteps\nrunning towards your door. Loki stabs you in the chest and suddenly disappears. About\na dozen people come into your tower where you are lying on the floor clutching your stab\nwound. “What happened?” someone asks you. “Loki” you say and then you take your last\nbreath.\n\nThe End\n\nReturn to the [[Start]] and begin the story again
I wipe the tears and decide that maybe, just maybe, if I go back to sleep then everything will just go away. \n\n[[Go back to sleep.]]
“Bryndis, would you tell me the basics for a quest? How many people? What weapons?” I start throwing out questions. “What am I finding?\n\n“Hold on a second. I know as much as you do at this point.” She says with a sigh. “They never tell us where people are going or what they are to find. I do know that they will give you everything you need to complete the quest, but it won’t be easy. Its about dinner time so lets go down to the great Hall and find our places.”\n\n“Okay. If this is necessary then lets get it done with. I want it noted that I’m not comfortable with any of this.” As I start towards the door.\n\n“Understandable, you have taken this a lot better than some people. Lets see what you are up against.” Bryndis says as she gets to the door before me. “At least the food should be good.”\n\nShe leads me back to the great hall where I became a Valkyrie. They transformed the hall into a room with long tables running all the way down to the raised dais that Odin and a beautiful blond woman (that matched Odin in stature and magnificence) sat being served food and drink.\n\nOther beings are entering the room from behind you and the doors on the sides of the hall. We find a spot near the middle of the room and I move to sit. Bryndis hisses, “Don’t sit till they tell us. Freya may take it as a sign of disrespect.”\n\n“Okay. Whatever.” I say quietly with exasperation. “This is not how I was raised. But when in Rome.... “\n\nOdin’s voice booms out, “Please sit and enjoy the bounty.” Everybody sits and begins to dig in. There are many different things on the table not all of which is easily recognizable.\n\nI decided to try a little of everything and start to pile things on my plate. Some foods are absolutely to die for, but for others one bite is enough. Next thing I notice is the room has gone silent and everybody is looking at me. “Psst…. Its time to go up and get your quest assignment.” Bryndis whispers.\n\n“Oh sorry, I got wrapped up in the good food.” I apologize. There is a low chuckle rumbling around the room. I look up and notice it is Odin chuckling. I stand up and trip over the bench behind me. The whole room erupts in laughter.\n\n“Come up child. My sister Freya (Valkyrie warrior goddess) has a challenge for you. She wants to see how you go about retrieving the necklace that Loki (God of Mischief) stole from her. I will be sending Fenrir and Bryndis with you as support but you are the one that has to do the looking. They will be briefed with all of the info we have about his whereabouts after the theft and likely places it has been hidden. I have foreseen that you are the one to find it for us. We usually don’t send out new Valkyries this soon but as part of the vision we need you out there as soon as possible. Good luck on your quest.” Odin turns towards Freya and starts to talk to her about something you can’t hear.\n\nI guess I’m dismissed. I turn around to see Bryndis and Fenrir waiting for you while everybody else leaves the room. “So what’s the plan?”\n\n“We need that briefing before anything. Let me have someone take you to your room. We will get you as soon as we have what we need.” Fenrir says waving forward one of the people about to leave. “Please take her to her room.” The being nodded their head and started moving to the door. I shrug and follow.\n\nI get back to the room and sit staring at the fire for what seems like ages before the door opens up and someone comes into the room. I turn around and see Fenrir in full chain mail armor with Bryndis following. Fenrir starts out with, “Lets get moving. We need to get you equipped and to the stables to grab supplies in 20 minutes for the portal to be opened. Now Loki has been seen in both Midgard and the underworld since the theft. He tends to stick to the same hangouts on both worlds. Midgard is Earth and Loki pretends to be an Italian Mob Boss in Chicago. The Underworld is easier because he is stuck in a certain area or he gets ate by the patrolling dragons. The dragons are controlled by Hades (God of the Underworld) and he has no love for Loki or anybody else. Which one do you want to try first?\n\n[[Go to Midgard (Earth).]]\n[[Go to the Underworld.]]
“Just a few rules before we enter.” She said softly. “Do not speak unless you are directly spoken to. Do not look our Lord in the eyes. And treat him with respect. He is Odin; the Lord of All Things, the Blessed One, the Wielder of Power, the Great Warrior.” She opened the door.\n\n[[Go thru the door.]]\n[[Start to slowly back up.]]
You think that it would be best to stay in Asgard and help Odin and Freya from\nthere. Odin, Freya, and yourself locate the necklace using a very powerful spell that\nwas just created for this very purpose. As you’ve assumed, Loki has the necklace. King\nOdin gives you a spell book and opens it up to a certain spell. “Transporting others,” you\nread aloud. “Yes,” King Odin says, I want you to use this spell to transport Loki here.”\nWith a puzzled face you say the spell and out of nowhere Loki appears right in front\nof your eyes. “Wow! This spell actually works.” you exclaim. “Of course it does.” Freya\nresponds. “Loki!” King Odin yells. “Yes, Odin” Loki says with a look of fright on his face. “We\nknow you have the necklace and we would like it back.” King Odin replies. “I don’t have\nthe necklace” Loki tries to proclaim. A few hours go by and Loki gives up and hands over\nthe necklace; he leaves and you find yourself alone with King Odin and Freya again. King\nOdin sets up a time to start training for tomorrow. You train for what seems like forever and\nwhen you are finished King Odin offers you the position of King’s Greatest Sorcerer and you\naccept. You live out the rest of your days sorcering for the king.\n\nThe End\n\nReturn to the [[Start]] and play another story.
Without a second thought I snatched the necklace and hurled myself out the window and disappeared into the night. As soon as I could, I returned to Freya's house and returned the necklace. She gave me her thanks and assured me that in the near future I would be greatly rewarded. After she assured me that Loki would never bother me again I returned home where I had a lot of time to ponder over the treasure left behind.\n\nEnd
I go into the room and crawl into the bed. I start rocking back and forth chanting, “There is no place like home. There is no place like home.” After a while of this I lose consciousness.\n\n[[Go back to sleep.]]
You walk into a colossal room. There are murals painted and carved into the 60 foot ceilings. You keep walking but the artwork has you completely distracted. Finally you realize there are people staring at you and that you have made it into the middle of the room. At the far end of the room you notice two thrones on a raised stone dias. The thrones are carved out of grey-white marble and are large enough to sit 5 large guys.\n\nOn one of the thrones there is giant of a man. Twelve feet tall in beautiful armor and a awesome helmet that threw off sparks of living flame. Reminded me if those guys that are in the bodybuilding contests. Then I remember that I’m not supposed to look him in the eyes and drop my head.\n\nA great rumble of laughter echoes around the hall loud enough that specks of dust fall from the ceiling. “ Come closer, child.”\n\nI couldn’t help but look up to the joy in the voice. I see Him on the throne and there is a soot black raven on his shoulder that tilts its head as if aware of everything going on. The scene reminds me of multiple ones depicted in fantasy novels. This whole situation is surreal. The only thing missing is the elves and dwarves.\n\n“Do not be afraid, Hilda.” Odin says. “Now I know that you haven’t been told anything yet. This is what we call the Rites of the Valkyrie. It is time to accept that this is real. Now come forth and drink of the Mead. It will prepare you for the times ahead.”\n\nA young girl comes over carrying a wooden tray with an elaborate goblet on it. She hands it to you carefully as if it filled with liquid gold. Bryndis says as you grab it, “Take it with care, its heavier than it looks.” I look into the cup and see that the liquid is a golden shimmer almost irresistible to not take a drink.\n\nI hesitate and Odin says, “Drink Hilda, Valkyrie, Warrior of Valhalla, Maiden of Odin. Begin your new life.” There is a feeling of comfort in those words so you lift the goblet up and take a drink.\n\nI almost swooned with the first swallow. It was better than the richest European chocolate. Just a cupful of pure pleasure. I closed my eyes to better enjoy while a warmth filled me from top to bottom. My eyes open and I see that I am now filled with the same glow that I had seen in others. A sense of panic hits and then I notice that everybody around me is filled with a similar glow.\n\n“Hilda, do not be afraid. It is the nature of the Mead. It is nectar from the heavens and will change your body so that it will have the strength to survive the trials of your new life.” Odin’s voice allowed me to focus and start to calm down. I look around and everybody looks calm and even unconcerned allowing me to realize this is a normal thing for them. Everybody moves closer and you start to feel a burning in her back.\n\n“Just breathe through it and it will be over in a minute.” Bryndis calmly states.\n\nStabs of pain run up my body. I drop to my knees as a gasp of agony escapes. There is a crawling sensation running inside of your shoulders. The pain seems to go on forever and then it changed. It hit another level and I just couldn’t keep the screams inside. The screams seemed to be necessary element because something burst out of my back and an strange weight settled onto my shoulders. With everything else the extra weight caused me to fall backwards. I was caught by multiple arms and held up until my legs could support me again. I look around and notice that everybody in the room is 1- female and 2- have wings spread out behind them..... Including me!\n\nI gasped in wonder at them. They are stunning. A red bronze color that shimmer in the light. Then I realized that they are mine and I HAVE WINGS!!! The world goes black.\nI wake up thinking, That was an awesome dream. Then I notice these are not my bed covers. They feel like fur. Why do I hear a fire? My eyes pop open and I am still in Asgard. I try to get up and there is a weight on my shoulders. I look back and there they are... The wings are waving at me. Then the whole incident came back to me. The tears just start to roll down my cheeks. How long have I been gone? How many days has passed since I was passed out both the first and second time? Does time pass differently here? I am beginning to realize that this isn’t a dream and that I need to adjust to this new life.\n\n[[Keep believing that everything is a dream.]]\n[[Jump into this new life with both both feet running.]]
You awaken in a dark tower, all you can see is the moonlight coming from the window. You\nwalk over to the window and look outside; it looks nothing like home. “Where am I?” you\nstart to wonder. As you look down you notice that you are dressed in a silky cloak. This isn’t\nwhat I was wearing before I woke up here, you think to yourself. You use a magic spell to\nlight the room and see a door. You try to open the door, but it’s locked from the outside.\nYou try to escape with magic, but it seems the tower has a shield around it that won’t\nallow magic to get through. You have no choice, but to sleep in the tower until morning.\nWhen morning comes there is a stranger in the tower with you. “Excuse me, who are you\nand where am I?” you ask the stranger. The stranger replies “I am nobody and you are in\nAsgard.” With a puzzled look on your face you say “Asgard? What is Asgard? Where is\nAsgard? Why am I here?” The stranger looks at you as says “I’ll be right back.” You wait\nfor the stranger to come back. As you wait you keep thinking why you were brought to this\nplace. Could this have been some magic spell you did and weren’t aware of? Or maybe it\nhas something to do with seeing a glowing light around people before they die. You hear a\nknock on the door. “Who is it?” you say, but no one answers.\n\n[[Open the door]]\n[[Wait it out until they leave]]
We start out in a cemetery in the middle of a funeral. There are about 40 people\npresent while the Pastor says the last rites. Family is sitting in the front row with the\nmother crying and the father with his arm around her. They had just lost their 17-year-old\nson in a car accident. In the background you see a tall redheaded female approx 17 years\nold with tear tracks running down her face.\n\nTwo weeks later: another funeral. This time it is a 15 year old girl that died from\ncancer. Same female in the background with tear tracks.\n\nThree months later: at the cemetery again. The redhead is in the front row holding\nher foster mom’s hand while they grieve over the 6 year old that had died in his sleep of a\nheart issue.\n\nChoose what you have trained in\n[[Mistress Thief]]\n[[Wizardess]]\n[[Swordswomen ]] \n
I move with a groan. While sitting up my head spins. When the head finishes its queasy motions I look around and see a large fireplace with a roaring fire in it. I am sitting on a pile of furs. I just want to curl myself back into them and go back to sleep but this doesn't feel like a dream.\n\n[[Go back to sleep.]]\n[[Wake up and explore.]]
You wish not to see death anymore. Loki says a spell and you see lights all around you\nand you feel a strange tickle all over your body. Loki finishes the spell and then looks over\nat you. “Done.” he says, “You will no longer see death coming”. “Thank you.” you reply. “I\nwill now send you back home, Hilda.” Loki says. And within minutes you’re back home, in\nyour own house. You live the rest of your life wondering what would have happened if you\nkept the spell upon yourself.\n\nThe End\n\nGo back to the [[Start]] to begin another story
Ever since Loki stole the necklace he has been seen alot in the underworld with his minons moving large barrels and boxes into a cave that he is known to hideout in. \n\nOne of Loki's hideout's on earth is a italian restaurant in Death Valley Californa. Before the theft he was spending alot of time there but ever since then he has not been seen there. \n\n[[Go to the underworld]]\n\n[[Go to earth]]
You go over and it looks delicious. I wonder if they added anything to it? You sniff it. Smells normal. You take a bite and you just can’t stop at the one. Next thing you know it is all gone and you have the overstuffed I ate too much feeling. You eyelids start drooping and you think to yourself, A short nap won’t hurt anything. \n\n[[Go back to sleep.]]
When I look inside I see that the room is completely filled with the barrels and boxes all of which are exuding a strange and powerful [[smell]]\n\n[[Open the second door]]\n\n[[Open the third door]]
You are shaken awake by your foster mom. You continue your existence seeing a glow around people and knowing they will die soon. You avoid any attachments in fear that they will start glowing and die on you. \n\nThe End\n\nGo back to the [[Start]] for another version of the story.