Walkthrough for Redstone

In this game, you play a deputy investigating a murder at a reservation casino.

Getting Started

After the introduction, you start in the casino's lobby. From here, you can go to the elevator, the front desk, and the game floor. The elevator is useless until you know the room numbers of the victim and his associates.

Your first order of business is to learn more about the victim, Troy Connor. GO TO THE FRONT DESK and TALK TO THE CLERK. Ask about TROY CONNOR, CONNOR'S ASSOCIATES, JOHN SIMON, and PETER LINK. This will give you access to the three men's hotel rooms. GO TO THE LOBBY and GO TO THE ELEVATOR to visit each of them.

Although you can visit Simon and Link now, you won't learn much from them until you establish Connor's time of death. To do that, refer to "Interviewing the Waiter."

The Crime Scene

John Connor's room is on the 8th floor. From the lobby, GO TO THE ELEVATOR, 8TH FLOOR (CONNOR), and GO TO TROY CONNOR'S ROOM. The most important clue here is the cell phone. EXAMINE THE BED, LOOK UNDER THE BED, and EXAMINE THE CELL PHONE. You'll learn that Connor took a picture of a poker player who made him suspicious.

To learn more about the man in the picture, refer to "The Poker Table."

Interviewing the Waiter

Connor's body was discovered by room service, so you need to interview the waiter. From the lobby, GO TO THE GAME FLOOR, GO TO THE DINING ROOM, GO TO THE KITCHEN, TALK TO THE WAITER, and ASK ABOUT CONNOR. Now you know that Connor was killed between 11:15 and 11:45.

Establishing Alibis

With the approximate time of death established by the waiter, you can visit John Simon and Peter Link in their rooms to establish their alibis. Each man has a new subject when you talk to them: WHERE WERE YOU AT THE TIME OF THE MURDER?

The Poker Table

You can go to the poker table from the game floor. It's a private VIP game, so the staff discourages you from interrupting it. If you've already examined Connor's cell phone (see "The Crime Scene"), EXAMINE THE THIN MIDDLE-AGED MAN. You'll recognize him as the man in Connor's photograph.

Hunting for Cheaters

From the lobby, GO TO THE FRONT DESK and GO TO THE SECURITY OFFICE. If you examine the cameras, you'll notice they're turned off.

TALK TO THE SECURITY GUARD, ASK ABOUT THE CAMERA, and ASK ABOUT CHEATERS. You'll learn that the casino is having trouble catching cheaters without the cameras, and the guard will invite you to help them catch one. If you say YES, he'll describe the cheater to you, e.g., "a tall blonde man." Walk around the casino until you find someone matching the description, and DETAIN the suspect. If you detain the wrong person, the real cheater escapes.

You can ASK ABOUT CHEATERS again to go on another hunt. There will always be a hunt available until you've successfully caught at least one (and sometimes more after that, in case you ever need more chips.)

Reporting the Suspicious Poker Player

After you've made a bit of progress, Benny Plant will go to the security office to get a report. By now you should have established that Connor was suspicious of one of the poker players (see "The Crime Scene" and "The Poker Table"). TALK TO BENNY PLANT and SHOW HIM CONNOR'S CELL PHONE. Benny will become alarmed and send a pit boss to keep an eye on the game.

After about four turns, the pit boss will arrive in the security office with two people in his custody: the suspicious player and the poker dealer. They were working in cahoots to rip off the game.

Checking Alibis

After you've asked for Simon and Link's alibis ("Interviewing the Waiter" and "Establishing Alibis"), you need to corroborate them.

Peter Link's Alibi

Link claims he was alone at the time of the murder, but he's lying.

From the lobby, GO TO THE GAME FLOOR, GO TO THE BAR, TALK TO THE BARTENDER, ASK ABOUT LINK, and ASK ABOUT THE B-GIRL. You'll learn that the bartender saw Link leave the casino with a girl named Kat. You can get her to approach you by playing blackjack. GO TO THE GAME FLOOR, GO TO THE BLACKJACK TABLE, and PLAY BLACKJACK. You might need to PLAY BLACKJACK more than once, but it should take no more than three games for Kat to approach you. Say YES when she asks you to buy her a drink, then ASK ABOUT LINK. She'll tell you that she was with Link in his room at the time of the murder. This is enough to establish Link's alibi, although you have the option to go back to him and ASK ABOUT KAT, at which point he'll admit he was with her.

John Simon's Alibi

John Simon claims he was playing poker at the time of the murder. He's also lying.

In order to break Simon's alibi, you need to break up the poker game first (see "Reporting the Suspicious Poker Player"). If you go to the poker table again, no one will be there.

By now you should have talked to Kat (see "Peter Link's Alibi"). Go back to the bar and talk to her again. She'll get annoyed and suggest you talk to Mr. Maple, one of the other poker players.

From the bar, GO TO THE GAME FLOOR, GO TO THE DINING ROOM, TALK TO THE BROWN-SKINNED OLD MAN, and ASK ABOUT SIMON. Mr. Maple will tell you that Simon was away from the poker table between 11:00 and 11:30, contradicting Simon's alibi. He'll also confirm that Reed and the poker dealer were on the casino floor at the time of the murder, leaving Simon as your primary suspect.

Solving the Case

Now that you know Simon's alibi is false, you have probable cause to detain him. If you go back to his room, however, he isn't there. You can find him in the garage, waiting for the valet to bring his car. After a brief exchange, you'll place him under arrest and bring him to the security office.

You confiscated Simon's briefcase when you arrested him. Check your INVENTORY and OPEN SIMON'S BRIEFCASE. You'll find Simon's laptop. If you examine it, you'll see it's running Vizinet Security software, which is the system the casino uses for its cameras.

TALK TO THE SECURITY GUARD and SHOW HIM THE LAPTOP. After he confirms that Simon hacked the security system, you have enough evidence to scare the poker dealer into making a full statement.

Other Stuff

You can PLAY SLOTS on the game floor and PLAY BLACKJACK at the blackjack table whenever you want.

If you run out of chips, go to the security guard and ASK ABOUT CHEATERS to earn more.