If you've never played a text adventure game before, it might look a little daunting. You're staring at a blinking cursor and you don't know what to do.

The short answer is: type commands in English. The game has a small but robust vocabulary, and it does a pretty good job of understanding basic short sentences.


You can get around by typing GO and then a direction -- GO NORTH or GO SOUTHEAST (or just N or SE for short). That works for any of the 8 compass points. You can also GO UP or GO DOWN (again, U and D for short).

Once you get somewhere, you can LOOK (shortcut: L) to see where you are. Usually the room description will tell you where you can go from there.


The world is full of objects. When you find an object, you can interact with it an a number of ways.

If you've picked up objects, you can see what you're holding with INVENTORY (I for short).


People in text adventures tend to be a little thin. If you meet a person, these should work:


There are a few other commands that will usually work:

And then, so that you don't have to play the entire game in one sitting, you can SAVE to save your game at any time, and then RESTORE to resume your game later.