This directory contains Hugo game files, which can be used on any
      machine that runs the Hugo runtime engine.  To get the Hugo runtime
          engine for your favorite system, look in programming/hugo.
Index          this file

ISH.hex        Escape from Ice Station Hippo, version 1.3, by Jason McWright.

NMNL.hex       Nothing More, Nothing Less, an Interactive Slice of Life
               written for Emily Short's SmoochieComp 2001 by Gilles Duchesne.
               Version 1.21
               Retro-Nemesis, version 1.01, by Robb Sherwin.
               An entry in the 2012 Hugo "Open House" Competition.
               A collection of Robb Sherwin's games (A Crimson Spring,
               Fallacy of Dawn, Necrotic Drift, Pantomime, Retro-Nemesis
               and Hamurabi) converted to the format of the Palm Hugo

ScavHunt.hex   Scavenger Hunt - A Hugo Game and Tutorial, by Gilles
               (multimedia resource files and annotated source code are
               in programming/hugo/examples/

annoy2.hex     Aggravatron: Annoyotron II, written by Ben Parrish.

cb2.hex        The Clockwork Boy 2, by Roody Yogurt and Marius Müller.
               Release 0.5 / Serial Number 010313

clock.hex      The Hugo Clock, version 2, by Jason McWright.
               Written for the Hugo Open House Competition.

colossal.hex   Colossal Hugo, the original 350 points ADVENT ported to Hugo
               by Kent Tessman (revised version for Hugo 2.2a).
               Based on Graham Nelson's Inform port of David Baggett's 1993
               TADS reconstruction 'Colossal Cave Revisited' of the 1977
               original by Willie Crowther and Don Woods.
               (source code is in games/source/hugo/colossal.hug)       Fallacy of Dawn, by Robb Sherwin.
               Release 1.05 / Serial number 010930

down.hex       Down, release 4, by Kent Tessman.
               (source code is in games/source/hugo/, and
                the original competition entry is in
                  games/competition97/hugo/down/down.hex)     Dragon Hunt, by Joachim Froholt.       East of Eastwood, a short Western scenario by Cardinal Teulbachs
               serial #10/09/95 (Hugo v1)
               Future Boy!, a superhero adventure by Kent Tessman.
               Release 1.01 09-18-04 (demo version).
               Archive includes the game, graphics and sound files, and
               interpreters for Windows, Macintosh, Linux, BeOS, Palm and
               PocketPC.     Guilty Bastards, a humourous mystery adventure, version 2.09,
               by Kent Tessman. Contains illustrations and sounds.
               The archive contains a machine independent Hugo game file,
               plus graphic and sound data.
               (a self extracting archive for Windows containing all these
                files plus the Hugo Engine is in games/pc/guilty.exe)

guilty.hex     The Hugo game file for Guilty Bastards, version 2.09, for
               systems where the Hugo Engine does not support graphics and
               sounds.     The Halloween Horror, by Roody Yogurt, release 1.  Hammurabi, ported to Hugo by Robb Sherwin.
               Archive includes Hugo game file and source code.
               [file is linked from games/source/hugo/]

htgessay.hex   Haunting the Ghosts, by Jason Peter Brown
               an Interactive Essay on Paul Auster's "The New York Trilogy".
               Release 0.9d, requires Hugo 2.4 or higher runtime engine.
htgpics        The Hugo resource file that contains the graphics for
               htgessay.hex. Requires a graphical port of the Hugo engine.

hugozork.hex   Zork I, ported to Hugo by John Menichelli and updated for
               Hugo 2.5 by Kent Tessman.
               (source code is in games/source/hugo/hugozork.hug)

memory.hex     Persistence of Memory, second release (15feb99),
               by Jason Dyer.
               (the original competition entry is in
                games/competition98/hugo/memory/memory.hex)    The Next Day, an Interactive Dénouement, by Jonathan Blask.
               Release 1 / Serial number 130109     Necrotic Drift, version 1.03, by Robb Sherwin.
               This is a graphical text adventure game, and as such requires
               a minimum resolution of 800x600. It does not support text-only
               mode. The archive contains a machine independent Hugo game
               file, plus graphics and music.

party.hex      Party Arty, Man of La Munchies, by Roody Yogurt.
               Release 2 / Serial 120111

paxless.hex    PAXLess, a Quest to the IF Suite, by Royce "Garynar" Odle.
               Written for the PAX-East Speed-IF competition.

pirate.hex     Pirate Adventure, the classic Scott Adams game, ported to
               Hugo 2.4 by Julian Arnold. Version 1.1.0 of the Hugo port.
               (source code is in games/source/hugo/, and
                there are original C64 versions in games/c64/)

playing.txt    How to Play Hugo Games, by Kent Tessman

pmime.hex      Pantomime, by Robb Sherwin.
               Release 1.02 / Serial number 060426
               (the original Spring Thing entry is in

renga.hex      Renga in Four Parts, by Jason Dyer.
               Release 1 04-07-14    A Crimson Spring by Robb Sherwin
               Release 1.0.04 / Serial number 001206
               Graphics and Audio Enabled
               (a machine independent game file is in
                games/hugo/scourgdos.hex, and
                the original competition entry is in

scourgdos.hex  A Crimson Spring by Robb Sherwin
               Release 1.0.04 / Serial number 001206
               (a graphics-and-audio enabled version is in
                games/hugo/, and
                the original competition entry is in

spinning.hex   Spinning, by Rob O'Hara.
               An entry in the 2012 Hugo "Open House" Competition.

spur.hex       Spur, A Western Misadventure by Kent Tessman
               Release 9 (4dec99), Hugo v2.5
               (source code to this file is in games/source/hugo/     SceptreQuest: The Quest for the Sceptre, serial #10/10/95.
               Originally written in BASIC by Sean Givan, now ported to Hugo v1
               and embroidered by Cardinal Teulbachs.
               (Sean Givan's original is in games/source/basic/sceptre1.bas)   Teleport Test 0.5, an Interactive Fiction Test Game, from
               Viridian Development Corporation (Paul Robinson)     Tetris for Hugo 2.5, implemented by Kent Tessman, based on
               Andrew Plotkin's Inform version "Freefall".
               This version makes use of colour, graphics, sound and music.
               (source code is in /games/source/hugo/    Trading Punches, Part 1 of The Convergence Saga, by Sidney Merk.
               Version 1.9, Hugo v3.1 / Library 31001
               (the original competition entry is in
                and source code is in games/source/hugo/    Tripkey, version 0.37, by Paul Robinson.
               "You're in the Control Center, and you just want to find the
               exit. This will require you obtain the eponymous tripkey,
               and a few other things along the way."    Waiting for The End, version 3, by Paul Lee.
               Archive includes Hugo game file and source code.
               [file is linked from games/source/hugo/]

               World Builder, release 2, by Paul Lee.
               Written for the Hugo Open House Competition.

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