Files related to games running on old (pre 1990s) mainframe computer systems.


SIMH emulator and disk image for a HP3000 mainframe,
including several old text adventures:

- WARP, by Rob Lucke and Bill Frolik, written circa 1979.
- Adventure / Colossal Cave (350 point version).
- Mystery Mansion
- Trek 73

To run on Windows, run the batch file "hp.bat", which will
start the emulator. At the prompt, enter "HELLO MGR.GAMES"
to log in and run the games menu. Note that the emulator
should be shut down cleanly to prevent corruption of the
emulated disk image: exit the game, then enter "X" at the
games menu to log out. Press Ctrl+A to get a "=" prompt,
then enter "SHUTDOWN" to shut the emulated system down.
Finally enter "quit" to exit the SIMH emulator.
This package was put together by Dan Hallock.


Source code for the tools used in the ""


WARP, by Rob Lucke and Bill Frolik, written circa 1979.
This is the HP3000 binary image: use ""
to play the game on modern systems.
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