The files in this directory relate to
Mark Silcox's LOTECH Competition, which required
that entrants use only multiple-choice input.

# dogshow.z5
tuid: 2t6lv860gv7atzl3

Dog Show, by Mrs. Drallos' Fourth Grade PACE class at Wattles
Elementary School in Troy, Michigan.
This was the only entry to the 2005 LOTECH Competition.

tuid: wqrlx3wvtmkjds9q

All the entrants to the 2001 LOTECH Competition, zipped
into a single archive:

- Kingdom Without End, by Shannon Cochran (First Place)
- A Dark and Stormy Entry, by Lord Lulwer-Bytton (Second Place)
- Flotsam, by Jamie Murray (Third Place)
- Escape from A Planet Filled With Monkeys, by Randall Gee
- One Week, by Papillon
- The Knapsack Problem, by Leonard Richardson

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