This directory contains MS-DOS executables of games released
           by Topologika Ltd., who have now given permission for these
                       games to be freely redistributed.

           Several of the games were originally written on the Phoenix
                    system at Cambridge University, England.


Index                    this file              Acheton, by Jon Thackray, David Seal and
                         Jonathan Partington.                 Avon, by Jonathan Partington.                Countdown to Doom, by Peter Killworth.                Return to Doom, by Peter Killworth.                Last Days of Doom, by Peter Killworth.                Hamil, by Jonathan Partington.              Hezarin, by Alex Shipp and Steve Tinney.               Murdac, by Jonathan Partington.    Philosophers Quest, by Peter Killworth.          Spy Snatcher, by Jonathan Partington and
                         Jon Thackray.

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Hamil.zip1999-10-18 04:00 49K
Hezarin.zip1999-10-18 04:00 161K
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