# ScavHuntFull.zip
tuid: lyexqef1lqst3dk6

Scavenger Hunt, a demonstration Hugo game and resource
files, along with an HTML tutorial which gives the source
code and discusses its structure. By Gilles Duchesne.
(this file is linked to programming/hugo/examples)

# anne.hug
tuid: 7722tosmepdal7vz

Anne, a short joke game by Jonathan Blask.

# colossal.hug
ifwiki: Adventure
tuid: fft6pu91j85y4acv

Colossal Hugo, the original 350 points ADVENT ported to Hugo,
by Kent Tessman (revised version for Hugo 2.5.03a)
based on Graham Nelson's Inform port of David Baggett's 1993
TADS reconstruction 'Colossal Cave Revisited' of the 1977
original by Willie Crowther and Don Woods
(a compiled game file is in games/hugo/colossal.hex)

# dist_src.zip
ifwiki: Distress
tuid: 5iz05cexg449vrx3

Hugo source code for Distress version 7, by Mike Snyder.
This game was Mike's entry in the 2005 IF Competition.
(the original competition entry is in

# down_source.zip
tuid: qarfemk18j5q1w7c

Hugo source code for Down, release 4, by Kent Tessman.
(a compiled game file is in games/hugo/down.hex)

# gbsource.zip
tuid: g02gj35cieg77y62

Hugo source code for Guilty Bastards, version 2.08,
by Kent Tessman.
(a compiled version is in games/hugo/)

# hammurabi.zip
tuid: 3ccmbybidr9nn1kh

Hammurabi, ported to Hugo by Robb Sherwin.
Archive includes Hugo game file and source code.
[file is linked to games/source/hammurabi.zip]

# hugozork.hug
tuid: 0dbnusxunq7fw5ro

Zork I, ported to Hugo by John Menichelli and updated for
Hugo 2.5 by Kent Tessman.
(a compiled version is in games/hugo/hugozork.hex)

# pirate_src.zip
tuid: zya3mo3njj58hewi

Pirate Adventure, the classic Scott Adams game, ported to
Hugo 2.4 by Julian Arnold. Version 1.1.0 of the Hugo port.
Archive contains documentation, source and a walkthrough.
(a compiled game file is in games/hugo/pirate.hex, and
there are original C64 versions in games/c64)

# spur_src.zip
tuid: 2grzxvuvyoqgwwf1

Spur, A Western Misadventure by Kent Tessman
Release 9 (4dec99), Hugo v2.5
(a compiled game file is in games/hugo/spur.hex)

# tetris_source.zip
tuid: ohjrdv0wx6cd7zzx

Tetris for Hugo 2.5, implemented by Kent Tessman, based on
Andrew Plotkin's Inform version "Freefall".
This version makes use of colour, graphics, sound and music.
(a compiled version is in /games/hugo/tetris.zip)

# tpsource.zip
tuid: t593d66s20bblqt0

Trading Punches, version 1.9, by Sidney Merk.
(a compiled game file is in games/hugo/trading.zip)

# tts_src.zip
ifwiki: The_Traveling_Swordsman
tuid: fsujzka1ua0h5att

Tales of the Traveling Swordsman, version 1.3,
by Mike Snyder.
(a compiled game file is in games/competition2006/hugo/tales_ts/tales_ts.hex)

# waiting.zip
tuid: w4wlvriwtsauxf4j

Waiting for The End, version 3, by Paul Lee.
Archive includes Hugo game file and source code.
[file is linked from games/hugo/waiting.zip]

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