# 3.t
ifwiki: Increment_by_Three
tuid: 1z2lxiqua980sedk

+= 3: A Logical Adventure, v1.2
by Carl de Marcken and Dave Baggett
[a compiled game file is in games/tads/3.gam]

# 4in1_src.zip
tuid: 1dg2yp15g6tm6izy

Four in One, an Interactive Marx Brothers Comedy
by J. Robinson Wheeler.
Release Version 1.1.7 20000710.
TADS source code, an essay about the game (including
amusing things to do) and the development logs.
(the original competition entry is in
a machine independent TADS .gam file is in
an MS-DOS executable is in games/pc/fourin1.zip,
and a Mac executable is in games/mac/fourin1.sit)

# AllHopeAbandonSource.zip
ifwiki: All_Hope_Abandon
tuid: 4l33jjysofp3very

TADS 3 source files for All Hope Abandon, version 3,
by Eric Eve.

# EricGift.zip
tuid: 7ti3b00rs64iubx2

TADS3 source code for Eric's Gift, by Joao Mendes.
[a compiled game file is in

# Fate.zip
tuid: 4iafm5z3v9imaj9s
tuid: 58cm1watskalexir

Source code for TADS3 versions of the William Tell and
Captain Fate sample games from the Inform Beginners'
Guide, converted to TADS3 by Eric Eve.

# Ground_src.zip
tuid: gdy6gaia4nm66km2

Common Ground, Version 2 (17jan2000),
written by Stephen Granade.

# IMustPlay.source.zip
tuid: rw8ipy7o8hgpq82o

I Must Play (an arcade adventure), release 42.00.009,
by Geoff Fortytwo. TADS 3 source code.
(the original competition entry is in

# MoistSrc.zip
tuid: ooffjk684gtrsq6v

Moist version 1.06, by Scarlet Herring
WARNING: This game contains scenes of an explicit
sexual nature.
[a compiled game file is in games/tads/Moist.zip]

# MrsPepperSrc.zip
tuid: dcvk7bgbqeb0a71s

Mrs. Pepper's Nasty Secret, version 1.03, by Jim Aikin
and Eric Eve.

# Murmel2.zip

Murmellius 2, by VDSB. Archive includes game
file and source code.
[file is linked to games/tads/Murmel2.zip]

# Prom_Dress_source.zip
tuid: u4u57v2ggfcqvll7

Source code and supplemental materials, including maps for The Only Possible Prom Dress,
version 1.1, by Jim Aikin.
(the compiled game is in games/tads/Prom_Dress.t3)

# Ruins.zip
tuid: rnsj9vbk0ewwip61

Ruins, by Angela M. Horns (aka Graham Nelson).
Ported to TADS 3 by Eric Eve. Version 1.0.

# SquareCircleSrc.zip
tuid: 003iydfj1747amj8

Source files for Square Circle, version 1.2, by Eric Eve.

# aayelasrc.zip
tuid: p5aumfiwlv23qgfg

Aayela, an Interactive Vision, Release 1.2
by Magnus Olsson.
[a compiled game file is in games/tads/aayela.gam]

# alice_t.zip
tuid: ktxyj6lzs6w5hb4n

Alice in Wonderland version 1.0a1, by LeGarre (?)
TADS source code only

# almsrc.zip
tuid: je0vz4z7edut4q7t

Poor Zefron's Almanac, by Carl Klutzke.
TADS source code and readme file.
(the original competition entry is in

# arrsrc.zip
tuid: b7zs6ocxlntb1u7c

Arrival, or Attack of the B-Movie Cliches,
version 2, by Stephen Granade.
(the compiled game is in
and the original competition entry is in

# ccr.sit.bin

Colossal Cave Revisited v1.0
A remake of Crowther and Woods' original adventure
with a full sentence parser, with complete TADS
source.  TADS version by Dave Baggett.  Freeware.
Macbinary format.
[file is linked to games/mac/ccr.sit.bin and to

# ccr.sit.hqx

Same as above, but BinHex format.
[file is linked to games/mac/ccr.sit.hqx and to

# ccr.tar.Z

Colossal Cave Revisited
A remake of Crowther and Woods' original
adventure, with complete TADS source code.
Version 1.0, TADS version by David M. Baggett
[file is linked to games/tads/ccr.tar.Z and to

# ccr.oldtr.tar.Z

Colossal Cave Revisited.
A remake of Crowther and Woods' original
adventure, with complete TADS source code.
Version 1.0, TADS version by David M. Baggett.
Contains a .GAM file that works with older (< 2.1)
versions of the TADS run-time.
[file is linked to games/tads/ccr.oldtr.tar.Z and to

# ccr.zip

Colossal Cave Revisited v1.0
Crowther and Woods' classic adventure with a full
sentence parser.  Comes with source.
TADS version by Dave Baggett
[file is linked to games/pc/ccr.zip and to

# deep_src.zip
tuid: k82q3libhff6ks8l

TADS source to Deep Space Drifter, by Michael J. Roberts
and Steve McAdams

# diabolicalSource.zip

TADS3 source for Diabolical, version 2.00, by Cleo Kraft.

# ditchday.zip

Ditch Day Drifter, by Michael J. Roberts
This is the example TADS game referred to in the TADS
documentation files. TADS source code and .gam file.
[file is linked from games/tads/ditchday.zip]

# flames_src.zip
tuid: 9pirdetlvv55uaob

TADS source to Perdition's Flames, by Michael J. Roberts

# foom.tar.gz

FooM - the shoot-'em up text adventure, by dI software
(Piers Johnson). TADS source and .gam file.
[file is linked to game/tads/foom.tar.gz]

# ftf_R3_source.zip

TADS 2 source code for First Things First, version 3.0,
by J. Robinson Wheeler.

# gc-src.zip
tuid: oapi61oln37cs95o

GC: A Thrashing Parity Bit of the Mind
the 1994 MIT AI Laboratory Olympics text adventure game
by Carl de Marcken, David Baggett, and Pearl Tsai
(a compiled game file is in games/tads/gc-gam.zip)

# gc-tadsc-22.patch
tuid: oapi61oln37cs95o

A patch file to adapt the source code from gc-src.zip above
to TADS version 2.2 or later, by Rick Litherland.
Rick's explanation: "This is (necessary) because of a change
in the interpretation of the '-' operator inside lists made
with version 2.2. The result is that two NPCs (Hoch and
Konigsberg), who provide a vital clue, disappear early in the
game, making it much harder to get the clue. If the source
file "people.t" is patched with my file, this will be
corrected.  (It also means that another NPC, Marvin Minsky,
will now show up and may cause you to lose points, but so it
goes.) Incidentally, I have tried to ensure that the patched
file will still compile and run under versions before 2.2,
but I haven't been able to check this."

# goldsrc.zip
tuid: x33bcsynxsjqlbte

Source code for The Golden Skull, along with all the
required source image and sound files, by Neil K. Guy.
[file is linked to programming/tads2/examples/goldsrc.zip]

# graphicalBIV.zip
tuid: e2qi61r56mtufr6m

A test project based on Steve Breslin's "Bird's I View" text
grid banner which created a Pac-Man simulation. Includes
graphical map tiles and icons and imitates Wasteland or Ultima
style map navigation. Written by Kenneth E. Gay.

# gripsrc.zip
tuid: folz7olvvczasp88

Losing Your Grip, a Journey in Five Fits
version 5 (Nov 30 2001), by Stephen Granade
(the compiled game is in games/tads/grip.gam)

# hightech.zip
tuid: j8t7exzkjwoddx1v

TADS source to High Tech Drifter, by Jim Cser.

# it_src.zip
tuid: clox1mlffo37xf2z

It, version 2.2, by Emily Boegheim.

# kitchen.zip
tuid: acgxov9huue9lba0

Kitchen Encounters version 0.2, a tiny adventure game
by Andy Jewell. TADS source code only

# legend-src.tar.Z
tuid: bi8rb6cieq8p05wl

The Legend Lives! by David Baggett.
Source code only.
[file is linked to games/adventions/others/legend-src.tar.Z]

# legndsrc.zip
tuid: bi8rb6cieq8p05wl

Same as above, put zipped for PC's.
[file is linked to games/adventions/pc/legndsrc.zip]

# lost202s.zip
tuid: hoeipcc1cv04buu1

Lost, a science fiction text adventure, version 2.0.2.
Shareware by Jeffrey Hersh; his rating: hard.
(a compiled game file is in games/tads/lost202g.zip,
executables are in games/mac/LostAdv2.0.2.sit.hqx
and in games/pc/lost202.zip)

# mazes_source.zip

Nothing but Mazes, by Greg Boettcher.
Version 2.0: Full version

# mpt_src.zip
tuid: uq0wyolbxfhxtfoj
tuid: qmm7d4vvatzqqvav
tuid: r1bpxaq3txo935t2

TADS source code for the TextFire! games
"Masta'mind", "Pumping!", and "A Tenuous Hold", all
written by Stephen Granade.
(compiled game files are in
games/demos/textfire/12pack.zip and

# ntts_src.zip
tuid: x7lnh94mmylkk6ng

No Time to Squeal, by Mike Sousa and Robb Sherwin.
Release 1.3 / Serial number 031603
(a compiled game file is in games/tads/ntts.zip;
the original competition entry is in

# pastense.zip

Past Tense, An Interactive Intrigue by Dave Nault
TADS source code and compiled game file
[file is linked to games/tads/pastense.zip]

# plantsrc_2.zip
ifwiki: The_Plant
tuid: 77rsl9mezn5iogto

The Plant, Release 2 (Special Edition), by Mike Roberts
(a compiled game file is in games/tads/plant_2.zip;
the original competition entry is in

# polyadv_321a.zip

PolyAdv 3.21a, a TADS version of the original
Adventure / Colossal Cave text adventure, including:

- The original 350 point game by Crowther and Woods,
ported by David Baggett.
- The 550 point extended version by David Platt,
ported by Bennett Standeven.
- The 580 point extended version by Mike Goetz,
ported by Bennett Standeven.
- The 551 point version by David Long and an anonymous
author, ported by David Picton.
- A 701 point version by David Picton, combining the 550
point and 551 point versions.
- A 701+ point version by David Picton, based on the 701
point version but with new extensions.

(a compiled game file is in games/tads/polyadv.gam)

# return-to-ditch-day-src.zip
tuid: sicva377zqygxcq2

TADS 3 source code for Return to Ditch Day, by
Michael J. Roberts.
(a compiled game file is in games/tads/return-to-ditch-day.zip)

# shadow.zip
tuid: h8rprc4xohdppd45

Shadowland I: The Tower of Iron, Interactive Role-Playing
System, Release 1.0, by Tom Claburn.
(a compiled game file is in games/tads/shadow.gam)

# spatial_source.zip
tuid: gakwspx3ip7xo7kk

Rat In Control, version 1.0, written by Mike Roberts.
An experimental game supporting both conventional
compass directions and relative directions ("in front
of you," etc.).
(source code is in games/tads/spatial.t3)

# tads_dungeon.zip

Dungeon, the more or less public domain version of the
original MIT Zork,
ported to TADS by Darin Johnson (v0.3 beta).
Based on the FORTRAN version 3.1A, 1-Feb-94.
Compiled .GAM file and complete TADS source code.
[file is linked to games/tads/tads_dungeon.zip]

# tadsmetsrc.zip
ifwiki: Metroid
tuid: 5aoeis6lt44sex7p

Metroid (v0.5 Release 1), a text version of Metroid
by Retro Studios and Billy Rawls.
(a compiled game file is in games/tads/metroid.gam)

# zeb3src.zip
ifwiki: Uncle_Zebulon's_Will
tuid: q1gts4stibzdzy69

Uncle Zebulon's Will, an Interactive Inheritance.
Release 3.0 / 030115, by Magnus Olsson.
Winner of the TADS category of the 1995 IF competition.
TADS source code.
(the original competition entry is in
and a machine-independent TADS .gam file is in

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