This directory contains files relating to Greg Boettcher's
2006 Interactive Fiction Spring Thing.

# readme.txt

Information about the competition.


All of the entered games, available in one archive.

tuid: weac28l51hiqfzxz

De Baron/The Baron, by Victor Gijsbers, release 1.

tuid: 50awxb2vjh437ha1

The Potter and the Mould, by Robert Street. (ADRIFT)

# pmime.hex
tuid: x1qqstrlsa9ocr0j

Pantomime, by Robb Sherwin. Release 1.00. (Hugo)

tuid: yuswctjhar6nq0vi

The Warlord, The Princess and The Bulldog,
by David Whyld. Version 1. (ADRIFT)

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