This directory contains files relating to Greg Boettcher's
2012 Interactive Fiction Spring Thing.

# readme.txt

Information about the competition.


All of the entered games, available in one archive.

tuid: 9shdt5dkn677zu2a

Sleuth, by Scott Greig. (Quest)

tuid: mt2cck6os45v1pgr

The Egg and the Newbie, by Robert DeFord. (Glulx)

# TheEggAndTheNewbieWalkthrough.txt

Walkthrough to The Egg and the Newbie,
by Robert DeFord.


The Rocket Man from the Sea, by Janos Honkonen. (Z-code)

tuid: lv6k3ucfvf5v6ehq

The White Bull, by Jim Aikin. (TADS 3)

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