This directory contains files relating to Aaron Reed's
2015 Interactive Fiction Spring Thing.

# readme.txt

Information about the competition.


All of the entered games, available in one archive.

# Aspel.txt

Aspel, by Emily Short (Seltani)


A Trial, by B Minus Seven (Twine)

tuid: b23gzan6wltusa7o

Dirk, by Andrew Schultz


Doggerland, by A. DeNiro (Twine)


Mere Anarchy, by Bruno Dias (Undum)


Missing Since '77, by Andrew Watt (Twine)


Ruiness, by Porpentine Charity Heartscape (Twine)


Sunrise, by Lucky Sun Scribes (Ren'Py)

# Tobys_Nose.gblorb

Toby's Nose, by Chandler Groover (Glulx)

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