This directory contains files relating to Aaron Reed's
2017 Interactive Fiction Spring Thing.

# 2017readme.txt

Information about the competition.


All of the entered games, available in one archive.

# AFlyOnTheWall-info.txt

A Fly On The Wall, by Peregrine Wade (Ink)


A Fly On The Wall, or An Appositional Eye,
by Nigel Jayne (Inform/Glulx)

# BackThen.html

Back Then, by Janelynn Camingue (Twine)

# BalefiresBurning.html

Balefires Burning, by Cassandra Wolf (Twine)

# BobbyAndBonnie.gblorb

Bobby and Bonnie, by Xavid (Inform/Glulx)


brevity quest, by chris longhurst (Twine)


Buck the Past, by Andrew Schultz (Inform/Glulx)

# EnlightenedMaster.z8

Enlightened Master, by Ben Kidwell and
Maevele Straw (Inform/Z)


Get Seen Tonight, by Hannah Powell-Smith (Texture)

# Gnoem.html

GNOEM, by Joyce Lin & Matthew Reed (Twine)


Guttersnipe: Carnival of Regrets,
by Bitter Karella (Quest)


Happy Pony Valley Riding School,
by Lynda Clark (Twine)

# IfYoureHere.html

If You're Here, by Serene Sherman (Twine)


Ishmael, by Jordan Magnuson (Twine)


left/right, by chandler groover (Inform/Glulx)

# Niney.zblorb

Niney, by Daniel Spitz (Inform/Z)


Not Quite a Sunset - a hypertext opera,
by Kyle Rowan (Twine)


Refugee, by Mark C. Marino (Ink)


Ted Strikes Back, by Anssi Raisanen (ALAN 3)


The Bony King of Nowhere, by Luke A. Jones (Quest)

# TheFirstQuest.html

The First Quest, by Matthew Mayr (with some help
from Mike Bryant) (Twine)

# TheWeightOfASoul.gblorb

The Weight of a Soul, by Chin Kee Yong (Inform/Glulx)
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