# BASIC-Model100.zip
tuid: 5zlnxk01px57la1d

A collection of games written in BASIC for the TRS-80
Model 100:

- Galaxy Trek Adventure, by Howard Batie -
a Star Trek Classic adventure.
- Crash - you play a survivor of a plane crash.
- Haunted House, by Barry Gaskins.
- House Adventure - a treasure hunt in a
monster-infested house.
- The Nuclear Submarine Adventure, by Steven Neighorn.
- Teeny Tiny Text Adventure, by Tim Ekdom - you're
searching for a million dollars in an old house.

# Greg-Hassett.zip
tuid: s592isejad6u8mk5

A collection of Greg Hassett's games for the TRS-80
Model 1:

- Devil's Palace
- Enchanted Island
- Enchanted Island Plus
- House of the Seven Gables
- World's Edge

# Odyssey_1_Damsel_In_Distress.zip

The first part of Joel Mick's Odyssey trilogy.

# Odyssey_2_Treasure_Island.zip

The second part of Joel Mick's Odyssey trilogy.

# Odyssey_3_Journey_Through_Time.zip

The third part of Joel Mick's Odyssey trilogy.

# SA-Copyright.txt

Copyright notice from Scott Adams, dated 24nov97
[file is linked to emulators/trs80/SA-Copyright.txt,
games/spectrum/SA-Copyright.txt, and

# daggor.zip
tuid: ljuczjacli986ufk

Dungeons of Daggorath, a graphical RPG for the TRS-80
Color Computer by Douglas J. Morgan.

# drlvgstn.zip
tuid: s4ymecwvma7sllme

Dr. Livingston Adventure for the TRS-80 Model 1,
by R.B. Fullerton (1980).

# germany.zip
tuid: 1ehk77bu7uwchob4

Three TRS-80 text adventures by Anthony J. Wood:

- Germany 1942
- Ruins at Time's Edge
- Space Hunt

# medvladv.zip
tuid: yrwkuocsrqcvjkos

Medieval Adventure for the TRS-80 Model 1,
by Hugh Lampert (1980).

# pyramid2000coco.zip
tuid: q4kb22d5ukwy0w4a

Pyramid 2000 by Robert Arnstein, for the TRS-80 Color

# pyramid2000trs.zip
tuid: q4kb22d5ukwy0w4a

Pyramid 2000 by Robert Arnstein, for the TRS-80 Model 1.

# qustfire.zip
tuid: f4j5g53s4n9wsw1j

Quest for Fire, by Anthony J. Wood. A text adventure
for the TRS-80, with source code and walkthrough.

# treasure4.txt
tuid: yn8flbd88nwxg0ar

Treasure Dungeon 2, by David E. White.
BASIC source code.

# trs.zip

TRS-80 Adventure Game Pack for MS-DOS, compiled by
Gunther Schmidl. Contains TRSF-80 revision 0.1, a TRS-80
Model I emulator for DOS by Ron Fries, some walkthroughs,
and the following games:

- Adventureland
- Pirate Adventure
- Mission Impossible
- Voodoo Castle
- The Count
- Strange Odyssey
- Mystery Fun House
- Pyramid of Doom
- Ghost Town
- Savage Island Parts 1 and 2
- The Golden Voyage
- Adventure 13
- Pharaoh
- White Palm
- Martec's Tomb
- Atlantis
- Lost Island
- Quest
- The House of the Seven Gables
- Gargoyle Castle
- Ice World War
- Time Adventure
- Crowley Manor
- Escape from Traan
- Lucifer's Realm
- Saigon: The Final Days
- Enchanted Island Plus
- The Domes of Kilgari
- Devil's Palace
- World's Edge
- Dragon-Quest
- Death Dreadnought
- Pyramid

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