# A_Date_With_Logan_Davenport-r1.zip

Book One: A Date With Logan Davenport, release 1,
by Lumimon.

# Dungeon_Detective_2-r1.zip
tuid: 3qkj39w2kk7rp7bo
ifwiki: Dungeon Detective 2: Devils and Details

Dungeon Detective 2: Devils and Details, release 1, by Wonaglot.

# Re-Entry-r1.zip
tuid: q7mu22iuto1stugk

Re-Entry, release 1, by Mary Goodden.

# Terra-r1.zip
tuid: ifal3k6xf8l4nmfc

A Farewell to Terra, release 1, by Ethan Burgess.

# TheHuntingLodge-r2.zip
tuid: p84euen4nyu3xxw3

The Hunting Lodge, version 2, by Hulk Handsome.
(the original competition entry is in

# The_Early_1900s-v1.0.zip
tuid: jd9uudu07gcwdbd

The Early 1900s: An Interactive Story,
by Bayleef0909. Version 1.0.

# The_Road_to_Adventure-r1.zip
tuid: 87visdtcsowr2h7q

The Road to Adventure, by Mighty Owlbear.

# The_Scent_of_Death-r1.zip
tuid: a7874aihjvsxp3pd

The Scent of Death, release 1, by Derek Labat.

# detapp-r1.zip
tuid: pmgkqufr0w5dxika

The Detective's Apprentice, version 1.0, by John C. Knudsen.

# integration-game-r1.zip
tuid: 1m4i78grlj53mtzb

The Integration Game, release 1, by Gregory Pellechi.

# Cozy_Simulation_2999-20230301.zip
tuid: u08jtumolbw9ge22

Cozy Simulation 2999, by KADW.
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