Adventure - Variants at the Interactive Fiction Archive

Compiled by David Kinder

The 350 Point Original

Ports of the 350 Point Adventure

Recent Implementations of the 350 Point Adventure

370 Point Adventure

A 370 point version by Paul Munoz-Colman, converted from Honeywell Fortran 77 and dated March 1993. It is available as DOS PDS Fortran source code and a DOS executable.

Adventure 2.5

This is a 430 point version, extended by Don Woods and dated 1995. It is available as generic C source code, a DOS executable and an Amiga executable.

Adventure 3

This version (often referred to as Adventure 550, from the maximum score of 550 points), was originally written in Fortran by David Platt in 1979. A DOS executable compiled from the Fortran source is available. More widely ported is Ken C. Wellsch's rewritten C version, dated August 1985. It is available as C source code, a combined DOS/Windows executable, an Amiga executable and a Mac executable.

Adventure 4

Written by Mike Arnautov, this version combines Adventure 2 (by Peter Luckett and Jack Pike) with Adventure 3, using David Platt's Adventure scripting language, into a 660 point version of the game. The latest available version is 10.06, dated July 1995. It is available as generic C source code, a DOS executable and an Amiga executable.

Adventure 5

Adventure was extended from the 350 point original by David Long at the University of Chicago, around 1978, into this 501 point version. Adventure 5.2/2 is only available as Fortran IV source code, which will not compile under f77 or f2c. If anyone out there understands Fortran IV...

Adventure 6

This is based on Adventure 5, with additions by David Long, plus other additions performed by an anonymous coder around 1984. It has a maximum score of 551 points. Doug McDonald took the Fortran source and changed it so that it will compile with f77 or f2c, and released version 6.6 on Usenet in August 1990. It is available as Fortran source code, a DOS executable and an Amiga executable.

Adventure in Humongous Cave

A 1000 point extension of Adventure 3, written by David Malmberg using the Master's Edition of the AGT authoring system. It is available as a DOS executable, which can also be played on other systems using Robert Masenten's AGiliTy interpreter, and as AGT source code.