# AMFVmap.gif
tuid: 4h62dvooeg9ajtfa
ifwiki: A Mind Forever Voyaging

Map of Rockvil, South Dakota, for the game
A Mind Forever Voyaging, by Adam Dawes.

# suspended.map
tuid: t47hei9uq10xoar8
ifwiki: Suspended

Map of the locations in Suspended.

# zork0.zip
tuid: 17coplfu323xif76
ifwiki: Zork Zero

A collection of the complete maps to Infocom's Zork Zero:
The Revenge of Megaboz, done in the same style as the maps
that came with Infocom's InvisiClues packages, created by
Marco Cavagna.

# zork0maps.zip
tuid: 17coplfu323xif76
ifwiki: Zork Zero

GIF files of all the maps from Zork Zero, by Mark Howell.
The Delta is incomplete, all the others are complete.
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