# DefinitiveInfocomIcons.sit

37 Infocom icons for the Macintosh, by
Christopher Drum. Miniature repoductions of the
cover artwork of the Infocom "book" packaging
series, redrawn from scratch.

# DefinitiveInfocomIcons.zip

36 icons from DefinitiveInfocomIcons.sit (except
Fooblitzky which has a non-standard size) by
Christopher Drum, converted to Windows format
by Volker Blasius.

# IconLauncher_1.0.zip

Infocom Icon Launcher, version 1.0,
by Matthew Twomey. A set of stub executables
with custom Infocom icons that can be set up to
launch an Infocom interpreter.

# Infocom_256x256.zip

256x256 icons for all Infocom releases, created
by David Donarumo. Also includes icons for
Cornerstone, Infocomics, and later releases such
as Nemesis and Grand Inquisitor.

# OSX_Infocom_Icons_Volume_1.sit

A set of 34 colour icons for Mac OS X, one for
each Infocom "grey box" release, created by
Christopher Drum.

# WinXP_Infocom_Icons_Volume_1.zip

A set of 34 colour icons for Windows XP, one for
each Infocom "grey box" release, created by
Christopher Drum.

# ZorkLetters.zip

Windows icons with the Letters Z, O, R, K, the
number 0, and a Planetfall icon.

# icons256.zip

67 256-colour Windows icons for all the Infocom
games, by Mark Peterson. Includes one or more
icon for each game and a utility to use them
under Windows 95.

# ificons.zip

Windows icons for Infocom/Inform, TADS and
Hugo, by Giulio Veneziani.

# infocomicons.sit

35 Infocom icons for the Macintosh.

# masters.zip

33 16-colour Windows icons for the Infocom
games on the "Masterpieces of Infocom" CD,
by David Dyte.

# zicons.zip

A set of Windows icons for game files, by
Nicholas Daley: A compass rose with text
"Z" - "Z8" and "TADS".
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