Zax, a portable Z-Machine interpreter, written in Java by Matt Kimmel.
Supports V1-V5 and V7-V8 and is very nearly Z-Machine Specification
0.2 compliant.


Zax 0.91 by Matt Kimmel. Includes both Java source
code and a jar file containing the compiled classes.
Zax is a Java application, not an applet, so
requires the Java Runtime Environment JRE 1.5 (or
higher) to run.


ZaxMidlet 0.1.5, by William H. Johnson, based on Zax
by Matt Kimmel. ZaxMidlet is a port of Zax to J2ME
Midlet for Blackberry (and other) devices supporting
MIDP 2.0.


Pocket Zax 1.2, a port of Zax to C# by Adam Dawes.
PocketZax will run on any Windows Mobile device
(including smart-phones) running Windows Mobile 2003SE
or later. It requires Microsoft .NET CF 2.0.
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