<name>_patches.zip files contain patches to convert between the
  different versions of game <name>.

  <name>_patches.txt files contain a description of the versions of
  game <name> contained in the corresponding .zip file.

  Unless otherwise noted in the description, all such files are
  by Beaux Hemmer.


Index                       this file

                            Deprotection patches by qkumba for the following games:
                              A Mind Forever Voyaging
                              The Lurking Horror

InfocomPatches1.3.txt       Deprotection patches v1.3 (08mar99) by Mark Knibbs
                            for the following games:
                              A Mind Forever Voyaging

zpat-2_3.zip                Two programs to create and use diff files to
                            convert one version of an Infocom data file to a
                            different version. zcdiff creates a patch file
                            given two versions of an Infocom data file, and
                            zcpatch takes an Infocom data file and a patch
                            file to create another Infocom data file.
                            Release 2.3, by Paul Francis Gilbert, Nils Barth,
                            and other contributors.
                            C source code and Windows console mode
                            executables, plus description.

zpat-amiga-2_2.lha          Amiga executables of the patch encrpt/decrypt
                            programs (release 2.2), by Richard H. Poser II.

zpat-riscos.spk             Acorn executables of the patch encrypt/decrypt
                            programs, by Julian Arnold.


UnprotectPatches.zip        The deprotection patches from the file
                            "InfocomPatches1.3.txt" as patch files, created
                            by Rick Reynolds.

about_version_patches.txt   Description common to all the patch files named
                            <name>_patches.zip, by Beaux Hemmer.

gamma_patches.zip           Patches to create "gamma" versions of Hollywood
                            Hijinx, Leather Goddesses and Trinity, which were
                            distributed by Infocom to external testers. These
                            patches were made by Chip Hayes.

lgop_59_to_4.pat            A patch to convert Leather Goddesses of Phobos
                            release 59 to the Solid Gold version that has
                            built-in hints and a newer parser, by Adam

zork1_88_to_2.pat           A patch to convert Zork I release 88 to
                            release 2, as taken from a TRS-80 Model I disk.
zork1_2.readme              Description of the Zork I release 88 to
                            release 2 patch.

zork1_88_to_52.pat          A patch to convert Zork I release 88 to the
                            Solid Gold version that has built-in hints and a
                            newer parser, by Adam Myrow.
                            "I uploaded it because the existing patches do not
                            have an easy method of going between this extremely
                            common version to the Solid gold version.  Instead,
                            I had to patch to the German version, to version 5,
                            15, and several others one at a time in order to get
                            to SG.  So, I decided to create a patch that would
                            do it in one step."

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amfv_patches.txt1999-04-05 04:00 457
amfv_patches.zip1999-04-05 04:00 447K
arthur_patches.txt1999-04-05 04:00 498
arthur_patches.zip1999-04-05 04:00 757K
beyond_zork_patches.txt1999-04-05 04:00 535
beyond_zork_patches.zip1999-04-05 04:00 939K
bureaucracy_patches.txt1999-04-05 04:00 454
bureaucracy_patches.zip1999-04-05 04:00 451K
deadline_patches.txt1999-04-05 04:00 648
deadline_patches.zip1999-04-05 04:00 604K
enchanter_patches.txt1999-04-05 04:00 619
enchanter_patches.zip1999-04-05 04:00 577K
gamma_patches.zip2001-01-13 05:00 466K
hhgttg_patches.txt1999-04-05 04:00 633
hhgttg_patches.zip1999-04-05 04:00 592K
Index2018-08-02 03:00 4.0K
Infocom-DEPROT-patches-by-qkumba.zip2018-08-04 03:58 10K
InfocomPatches1.3.txt1999-03-08 05:00 6.6K
journey_patches.txt1999-04-05 04:00 529
journey_patches.zip1999-04-05 04:00 1.0M
lgop_59_to_4.pat2001-01-24 04:58 156K
lgop_patches.txt1999-09-08 04:00 720
lgop_patches.zip1999-09-08 04:00 521K
lurking_horror_patches.txt1999-04-05 04:00 540
lurking_horror_patches.zip1999-04-05 04:00 253K
moonmist_patches.txt1999-04-05 04:00 528
moonmist_patches.zip1999-04-05 04:00 356K
planetfall_patches.txt1999-04-05 04:00 555
planetfall_patches.zip1999-04-05 04:00 529K
seastalker_patches.txt1999-04-05 04:00 594
seastalker_patches.zip1999-04-05 04:00 434K
sherlock_patches.txt1999-04-05 04:00 499
sherlock_patches.zip1999-04-05 04:00 339K
shogun_patches.txt1999-04-05 04:00 527
shogun_patches.zip1999-04-05 04:00 1.3M
sorcerer_patches.txt1999-04-05 04:00 615
sorcerer_patches.zip1999-04-05 04:00 592K
spellbreaker_patches.txt1999-04-05 04:00 518
spellbreaker_patches.zip1999-04-05 04:00 352K
starcross_patches.txt1999-04-05 04:00 518
starcross_patches.zip1999-04-05 04:00 152K
suspect_patches.txt1999-04-05 04:00 481
suspect_patches.zip1999-04-05 04:00 338
suspended_patches.txt1999-04-05 04:00 596
suspended_patches.zip1999-04-05 04:00 347K
trinity_patches.txt1999-04-05 04:00 452
trinity_patches.zip2001-10-06 09:47 474K
UnprotectPatches.zip2001-10-28 21:17 4.3K
wishbringer_patches.txt1999-04-05 04:00 502
wishbringer_patches.zip1999-04-05 04:00 405K
witness_patches.txt1999-04-05 04:00 556
witness_patches.zip1999-04-05 04:00 432K
zork1_2.readme2001-05-04 08:07 670
zork1_88_to_2.pat2001-05-04 08:07 81K
zork1_88_to_52.pat2000-10-13 04:00 103K
zork1_patches.txt1999-04-05 04:00 1.0K
zork1_patches.zip1999-04-05 04:00 1.0M
zork2_patches.txt1999-04-05 04:00 796
zork2_patches.zip1999-04-05 04:00 606K
zork3_patches.txt1999-05-25 04:00 627
zork3_patches.zip1999-05-25 04:00 416K
zork_zero_patches.txt1999-04-05 04:00 626
zork_zero_patches.zip1999-04-05 04:00 1.1M
zpat-2_3.zip2012-07-02 09:44 69K
zpat-amiga-2_2.lha2001-05-19 11:03 18K
zpat-riscos.spk1997-12-01 05:00 8.3K

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