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AdvSysMac.sit.hqx      AdvSys v1.2 for the Macintosh (68k and PPC)
                       by William Bryant

AdvSysMac.txt          Notes on AdvSys v1.2 for the Macintosh,
                       by William Bryant

NewParser.tar.gz       An improved parser for the ANSI version of AdvSys 1.2.
                       C source code by Boris J. H. Boesler.
                       use this file together with advsys.ansi.tar.Z           DOS executables of the AdvSys version 1.2 compiler and
                       interpreter, the source modules that had to be changed,
                       and an accompanying description; by Volker Blasius

                       Linux x86 executables of the AdvSys 1.2 interpreter.
                       Glk build 0.1, by Michael Chen.
                       Windows Glk executables of the AdvSys 1.2
                       interpreter. Glk build 21/12/2001, by Michael Chen.
                       Source code for the Windows Glk port of the AdvSys
                       1.2 interpreter, written by Michael Chen.

advsys.ansi.tar.Z      ANSI-fied version of advsys.tar.Z, i.e.
                       AdvSys version 1.2 ported to ANSI C by Matt Ackeret

advsys.lha             Amiga executables of the AdvSys version 1.2 compiler
                       and interpreter, by Dave Betz

advsys.tar.Z           AdvSys source code version 1.2 by David Betz with
                       additions for smart articles by Bill Randle             [same contents]      Manual for AdvSys and TADS, a set of routines based
                       on AdvSys. Also includes a sample game, Quest.
                       Written by Roger Plowman.
                       Note that this is unrelated to Mike Roberts' TADS
                       or Alex Warren's Quest authoring systems.

error-msgs.txt         An explanation of AdvSys error messages
                       by Jon Drukman

                       Source code diffs for the Glk port of the
                       AdvSys 1.2 interpreter, by Michael Chen.

standard.adi.Z         Object oriented runtime package version 2.0
                       by Brian Preble (AdvSys source code)           [same contents]

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advsys-winglk-20011221-src.zip2001-12-21 18:37 445K
advsys-winglk-20011221.zip2001-12-21 18:34 192K
advsys.ansi.tar.Z1993-10-11 04:00 67K
advsys.lha1996-11-01 05:00 35K
advsys.tar.Z1992-12-01 05:00 58K
advsys.zip1992-12-01 05:00 48K
advsys_manual.zip2001-09-08 00:57 188K
AdvSysMac.sit.hqx1996-11-28 05:00 248K
AdvSysMac.txt1996-12-06 05:00 1.6K
error-msgs.txt1992-12-02 05:00 2.5K
glkize-advsys.patch-0.1.gz2000-03-27 05:00 13K
Index2005-06-16 18:10 2.3K
NewParser.tar.gz1994-05-03 04:00 7.7K
standard.adi.Z1992-12-01 05:00 16K
standard.zip1992-12-01 05:00 11K

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