# blorb-infocom-extension.txt

A document specifying an extension to Blorb 1.1 to
handle the original graphics of the four Infocom V6
games, written by Kevin Bracey.
[file is linked from infocom/media/blorb/blorb-infocom-extension.txt]

# blorb_format.txt

Blorb: An IF Resource Collection Format Standard,
Version 2.0.4, by Andrew Plotkin.

# blorblib-102.tar.Z

Blorblib 1.0.2, a library for use in a Z-code interpreter
to read Blorb files, by Andrew Plotkin. Also contains the
source for BlorbScan, a tool to read and analyze Blorb

# blorbtar-0.1.pl

Blorbtar 0.1, a tarlike interface to Blorb files.
Written in PERL by Evin Robertson.

# blorbtar-0.1.patch

A patch for Blorbtar 0.1 to correct a problem with
the encoding and recognition of Glulx gamefiles, by
D.J. Picton.

# blorbtool.py

A Python script for examining and manipulating Blorb
files, by Andrew Plotkin.

# gblorb.zip

Gblorb, a Blorb packager and extractor, written in
Glulx Inform by Simon Baldwin.
Serial number 060301

# iblorbb.zip

IBlorb, a Blorb 2.0 packager and resource manager,
by L. Ross Raszewski. MS-DOS executables.

# iblorbs.zip

IBlorb, a Blorb 2.0 packager and resource manager,
by L. Ross Raszewski. C source code.

# rezrov.c

C source code for a utility that extracts resources
from a Blorb file, written by Felix Grutzmacher.
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