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This directory contains files related to the
Python Adventure Writing System, known as PAWS.

For files relating to Gilsoft's Professional Adventure Writing System,
also known as PAWS, which was the successor to Gilsoft's Quill system,
look in the [programming/quill](../quill/) directory.

# tq10.zip

PAWS, the Python Adventure Writing System,
Version 1.0, by Roger Plowman.
Included in the archive is a manual, a tutorial, the
game engine, the universe library, the "play" module,
a large, complex sample game called Thief's Quest and a
small simple sample game called Cloak Of Darkness (by
Roger Firth and Neil Cerutti).
Requires a version of the popular scripting language
Python, which is widely available on the Internet.

# tq10-pdf.zip

PAWS Version 1.0 documentation in PDF format.
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