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This directory contains files relating to The Quill, a text adventure
authoring system originally written for the ZX Spectrum,
and also its successor system PAWS (Professional Adventure Writing System).

Also in this directory are files for WinPaw by Douglas Harter.
WinPaw is a Windows version of PAWS.
Version 6.0 has graphics, non-graphics, character set, and
non-character set modes and plays Quill games.

# InPAWS.zip

InPAWS, a compiler that generates PAWS games.
Version 1.0-B090501. Includes binaries for Windows
and Linux, documentation in English and Spanish,
an English adaptation of the known Gilsoft Tutorial
"The Ticket", and a short demo adventure in Spanish.

# PawMac.zip

PawMac (Paw Map and Convert) v1.6.2 will allow you to convert adventures
produced using the Quill to a format where they can be loaded, edited and
played in PAW using InPAWS. It will also allow you to produce mapping files
of PAW and Quill adventures that can be loaded into Trizbort. PawMac is a
Windows application, and requires version 4.6 of the .NET framework or above
to run.

# WinPawEng.zip

WinPaw 6.0 Engine by Douglas Harter, which is used
to play the games.

# WinPawIDE.zip

WinPaw 6.2 IDE by Douglas Harter. Archive contains
the Interactive Development Editor (IDE), which is
used to create games.

# WPEngUpdate.zip

An update for any prior version of the WinPaw Engine
to 6.0. WinPaw Engine of less than 5.0 must be
installed before this update.

# WPIDEUpdate.zip

An update for any prior version of the WinPaw IDE
to 6.2. WinPaw IDE of less than 5.0 must be
installed before this update.

# advwrite.zip

The Adventure Writer, a version of the Quill for DOS.
Originally released by Codewriter in the 1980s.
Uploaded by Doug Stanford.

# paw.zip

The PC Adventure Writer (PAW), by Graeme Yeandle, the
author of both The Quill and PAW.
Archive includes the compiler v2.05 and the
interpreter v2.3, as well as sample games.

# pawgr.zip

An extractor for the graphics in PAW games saved as
Spectrum emulator snapshots.
Version 0.9, by Jose Luis Cebrian Pague.
Archive includes MS-DOS executable and source code.

# unquill.zip

UnQuill v0.12.0, by John Elliott.
Reads a snapshot (Spectrum, Commodore and CPC
formats are supported) of an adventure game written
with the Quill, and can:

- Output textual listings of the game's data tables;
- Output Inform source code for the game;
- Output a Z-code version of the game;
- Run the game without an emulator.
- C source code, DOS and Win32 executables, plus

[file is linked to emulators/spectrum/unquill.zip
and solutions/tools/unquill.zip]

# unquill-sharp.zip

UnQuill, by John Elliott, ported to the Sharp Wizard
by Staffan Vilcans.

# unquill.lha

UnQuill v0.6 (30nov99), by John Elliott, ported to
the Amiga by Miron Schmidt.

# unpaws.zip

UnPAWS takes snapshot files (.SNA, .SP, .Z80) of
Spectrum games written with PAWS, and produces text
listings of the game database. Version 2.11, written
by Carlos Sanchez and Jose Luis Cebrian, and then
updated by Alexander Katz and German Gonzalez.
Includes MS-DOS and Win32 executables and Pascal
source code.
[file is linked to solutions/tools/unpaws.zip]

# winquill-engine.zip

WinQuill, a port of the classic Quill authoring
system to Windows, Release Candidate 1,
by Nigel Arnold.
This archive contains the engine for playing
WinQuill games.

# winquill-ide.zip

WinQuill, a port of the classic Quill authoring
system to Windows, Release Candidate 1,
by Nigel Arnold.
This archive contains the IDE for writing
WinQuill games.
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