# AdamsGames.zip
tuid: ay2jy3sc3e6s9j4k

17 copyrighted Scott Adams adventures, plus a freely
distributable sampler. These text adventures were
commercially distributed in the 1970s and 1980s, but
today they are distributed as Shareware. The games have
been converted to "ScottFree" format.
Game conversion and readme file by Paul David Doherty.

# desert-scott.zip

An adventure in Scott Adams' TRS-80 game format, BSD
license, by Sam Trenholme.
"In the adventure, you are lost in a desert and need to
find the four treasures to win."
Archive also includes a Windows executable and a Z-code
version of the game.
[file is linked to scott-adams/games/zcode/desert-scott.zip]

# ghostking.zip
tuid: pv6hkqi34nzn1tdy

Initial release of GHOST KING, the first entry in the fictitious "Scott Adams
Literary Adventure Diversions" (S.A.L.A.D.) series of text adventures adapted
from classic tales. GHOST KING is provided in Scott Adams .dat format, playable
in ScottFree and other modern Scott Adams interpreters. It is based on William
Shakespeare's Hamlet and the storytelling style of Scott Adams circa 1980.
Documentation and ScottKit source code included.
Written and published in 2020 by Jason Compton.

# mysterious.tar.gz

The 11 Mysterious Adventures by Brian Howarth (1981-83),
converted to ScottFree format by Paul David Doherty:

- The Golden Baton
- The Time Machine
- Arrow of Death Part 1 and 2
- Escape from Pulsar 7
- Circus
- Feasibility Experiment
- The Wizard of Akyrz
- Perseus and Andromeda
- Ten Little Indians
- Waxworks

(C64 versions with line-drawing graphics can be found as
scott-adams/games/c64/mystadv.zip; ZX Spectrum snapshots
as games/spectrum/mystsoft.zip)

# mysterious_blorb.zip

The 11 Mysterious Adventures by Brian Howarth
(1981-83), converted to Blorb files (with pictures)
by Evin Robertson.
See mysterious.tar.gz for a list of the games.
Note: To play these files you need the as yet
unreleased Nitfol 0.6.

# otheradv.zip

An archive of 8 miscellaneous adventures in the
Scott Adams Format. The adventures are as follows:

- Miner's Adventure, by Bruce Hansen
- James Bond Adventure (author unknown)
- Burglar's Adventure, by Bruce Hansen
- Romulan Adventure, by Jim Veneskey
- Top Secret Adventure, by Jim Veneskey
- Gamma World, by Jim Veneskey
- Marooned, by Kim Watt
- Undersea Conquest part I, by Marc Mandel

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