# GnomeRanger.sol

anonymous solution for Gnome Ranger

# IngridsBack.sol

anonymous solution for Ingrid's Back

# KnightOrc.sol
tuid: laiyfhqfopw0x9r6

anonymous solution for Knight Orc

# Lancelot.sol
tuid: sv2ogva4urs43jwi

anonymous solution for Lancelot

# LordsOfTime.sol
tuid: aa6m5ycux2y5iwuk

anonymous solution for Lords of Time

# ReturnToEden.sol
tuid: zr48drl7ctjw0v9a

anonymous solution for Return to Eden

# ScapeGhost1.sol

anonymous solution for Part 1 of ScapeGhost

# ScapeGhost2.sol

anonymous solution for Part 2 of ScapeGhost

# ScapeGhost3.sol

anonymous solution for Part 3 of ScapeGhost

# Snowball.sol
tuid: 6lgu6t1f65qrdf7o

anonymous solution for Snowball

# WormInParadise.sol
tuid: ohwkcbpfdtjrzrz6

anonymous solution for Worm in Paradise

# advquest.step
tuid: 42b18ov4c4ao88za

commented stepwise solution to Adventure Quest -
Jewels of Darkness Part 2, by Jacob Gunness

# col-adv.step
tuid: zjivkumr48f0zbqa

commented stepwise solution to Colossal Adventure -
Jewels of Darkness Part 1, by Jacob Gunness

# dung-adv.step
tuid: 0odl661ptrlyo1ld

commented stepwise solution to Dungeon Adventure -
Jewels of Darkness Part 3, by Jacob Gunness

# dung-adv.txt
tuid: 0odl661ptrlyo1ld

anonymous solution to Dungeon Adventure

# price.sol
tuid: 9xifpt8k3n3s4ky5

Solution to The Price of Magik, by Dorothy Millard.

# redmoon.sol
tuid: yrdxe16idkn87bo8

Solution to Red Moon, by Dorothy Millard.

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ReturnToEden.sol1996-03-15 05:00 10K
ScapeGhost1.sol1996-08-05 04:00 5.8K
ScapeGhost2.sol1996-08-05 04:00 5.1K
ScapeGhost3.sol1996-08-05 04:00 6.3K
Snowball.sol1996-08-06 04:00 9.7K
WormInParadise.sol1996-08-06 04:00 19K

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