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lha-114g.tar.gz [30-Sep-2000]
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Lha for Unix, version 1.14g (7 May 2000), by Tsugio Okamoto.

nulib-3.25.tar.Z [24-Jul-1997]
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NuLib v3.25 (January 1997), an archiver for NuFX (Apple II ShrinkIt) files, by Andy McFadden and Devin Reade. C source code for Unix and DOS (though the current maintainer of NuLib has not tested the source under DOS). [source code for NuLib v3.24 is available as download-tools/pc/]

sciibin-3.1.tar.Z [09-Nov-1993]
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Extracts or views BinSCII files and several other Apple II formats, by Marcel J.E. Mol. C source code version 3.10 for UNIX and DOS. [same contents as download-tools/pc/]