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Advent-r5.inf [02-Jul-2023]

Adventure aka Colossal Cave, the original 350 points version ported to Inform by Graham Nelson, based on Dave Baggett's TADS reconstruction "Colossal Cave Revisited". Release 5 / Serial number 961209 [02-Jul-2013]
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IFDB entry

Source code for Augmented Fourth, release 3, written by Brian Uri.

kitten-r7.tar.gz [12-Apr-2013]
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IFDB entry

Source code for robotfindskitten, a Zen Simulation. Originally written by Leonard Richardson, and converted to Inform by David Griffith. Release 7.

lecture-r1-2014.txt [18-Aug-2014]

Source code for Lecture Feature, by Paul Equinox Collins. [14-Jul-2014]
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IFWiki: Six

Source code for Six, release 4, by Wade Clarke.

ZorkI7Source-r3.txt [04-May-2008]

Zork: A Computerized Fantasy Simulation Game. This is the more or less public domain version of the original MIT Zork, ported to Inform 7 by Dean Menezes. Release 3 / Serial number 080504