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This directory contains Swedish games in Infocom Z-Machine format.

The games here can be played with an Infocom game interpreter; look in infocom/interpreters for a version for your system. Source code of the games, if available, can be found in games/source/inform/swedish.

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Aventyr.z5 [29-Oct-2007]
IFDB entry
IFWiki: Adventure

Aventyr, a Swedish translation of the original Adventure / Colossal Cave, translated by Fredrik Ramsberg. Release 1 / Serial number 071029 (source code is in games/source/inform/swedish/Aventyr.inf)

drakmagi.z5 [18-Apr-2008]
IFDB entry

Drakmagi (Dragon Magic), by Johan Berntsson. Release 6 / Serial number 080419 (A Glulx version of Drakmagi, with graphics, is in games/glulx/swedish/drakmagi.blb)

Hotellet.z5 [13-Dec-2004]
IFDB entry

Hotel Noir, by Eva Vikström. Release 1 / Serial number 041212

pangnyheten.z5 [24-Nov-2004]
IFDB entry
IFWiki: The_Big_Scoop

Pangnyheten, by Johan Berntsson. Release 1 / Serial number 040916 This is a Swedish version of the author's 2004 Competition entry, The Big Scoop. (The original English competition entry is in games/competition2004/zcode/scoop/scoop.z5)

Storforsen.z5 [13-Dec-2004]
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Storforsen, by Eva Vikström. Release 1 / Serial number 041212

Stuga.zblorb [12-Jul-2009]
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IFWiki: Stuga

An Inform port of the DEC Basic game Stuga, written by Viggo Eriksson, Kimmo Eriksson and Olle E Johansson, and ported by Fredrik Ramsberg and Johan Berntsson. Release 3, Serial number 090712 (source code is in games/source/inform/swedish/, Invisiclues are in solutions/slag/stuga_hints.z5, and an English translation is in games/zcode/Cottage.zblorb)

vanyar.z5 [13-Jun-2003]
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Vanyar, by Johan Berntsson. Release 1 / Serial number 030613 (A Glulx version of Vanyar, with graphics, is in games/glulx/swedish/vanyar.blb)