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aladdin_exp_513_installer.bin [25-Oct-1999]

Aladddin Systems StuffIt Expander V5.1.3. Freeware utility to decode and uncompress many formats.

de-arj.hqx [27-Oct-1993]

DeArj 0.9.7. Shareware utility to uncompress but not compress ARJ (.arj) files on the Mac.

disk-dup-plus-27.hqx [17-Apr-1998]

DiskDup+ version 2.7, a utility for creating disk images on a Macintosh (Useful for getting datafiles off those old, copy-protected 400k Infocom disks; the disk image can be fed to ZCut)

disk-dup-plus-27.txt [17-Apr-1998]

a short description of DiskDup+

gzip-124.hqx [27-Oct-1993]

MacGzip 0.0beta = gzip 1.2.4. Freeware port of GNU ZIP (.Z, .gz, .z) to the Macintosh.

IFDropFile-310.hqx [28-Sep-2000]

IFDropFile version 3.1.0, a file typing utility for Macintosh IF game files, by Andrew C. Plotkin. Just drop your TADS or Infocom format game file on IFDropFile to change it to the proper file type.

maccompress-32.hqx [27-Oct-1993]

MacCompress V3.2. Freeware utility that can compress and decompress UNIX compress (.Z) files on the Macintosh.

stuffit-lite-35.hqx [17-Apr-1998]

StuffIt Lite V3.5. Shareware utility that can both compress and decompress files in StuffIt (.sit), Compact Pro (.cpt), and other formats.

stuffit-lite-35.txt [17-Apr-1998]

a short description of StuffIt Lite V3.5

tar-30.hqx [27-Oct-1993]

Tar for the Macintosh V3.0; can read and write UNIX .tar archives.

unshar-15.hqx [27-Oct-1993]

Unshar V1.5. Minimal freeware implementation of unshar (.shar) for the Macintosh.

unz532x.hqx [26-Jun-2003]

UnZip 5.32 (7nov97) by Info-ZIP decompresses .zip files

uu-lite-15.hqx [27-Oct-1993]

UULite V1.5. Shareware utility that permits uudecoding of files on a Macintosh. Also does multipart file decoding of Usenet postings saved as text files.

zipit1.35.cpt.hqx [22-May-1996]

ZipIt V1.3.5 Shareware utility that can compress and decompress (deflate, implode, shrink and store) ZIP (.zip) format files. Also handles MacBinary (.bin) files and automatic linefeed conversion.