Index: if-archive/games/c64/mario-moeller

This directory contains C64 adventures written by Mario Moeller. For more information see file Overview.txt

See directory games/quill for versions that can be played with MultiAventures, the universal game interpreter for the Macintosh by Pierre Tremblay

9 Items [07-Jun-1994]
Dracula II; text-only adventure
EscapeToFreedom.txt [05-Jun-1986]
User's Manual for Escape to Freedom [07-Jun-1994]
Escape to Freedom; text-only adventure
HotelHell.txt [05-Jun-1986]
User's Manual for Hotel Hell [07-Jun-1994]
Hotel Hell; adventure with digitized graphics [07-Jun-1994]
My House; small joke game, text-only
Overview.txt [26-Feb-1998]
Information about the games, how to play them and how to reach the author
Stowaway.txt [05-Jun-1986]
User Guide for Stowaway! [07-Jun-1994]
Stowaway!; text-only adventure