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This directory contains the demos published by TextFire, Inc. They are sorted here in the order they were uploaded in.

5 Items [01-Apr-1998]
The TextFire 12-Pack, the first in a series of annual demonstration packages by TextFire, Inc. This package contains demos of the following games:
  Revenge of the Killer Surf Nazi Robot Babes from Hell
  Bad guys
  An Exploration of Colour
  Flowers for Algernon
  Once: A Fable for the Lost
  Zugzwang: The Interactive Life of a Chess Piece
  Coma! An Interactive Action Thriller
  The U.S. Men's Hockey Team Olympic Challenge!
  The Inanimator
  Jack's Adventures, or On The Run In Fairyland with a Golden Goose and a Magic Guitar
  Operate! An interactive adaptation of the popular parlor game
  A Tenuous Hold
  Will The Real Marjorie Hopkirk Please Stand Up?
  (Source code to Once is in games/source/inform/once.inf; release 2 of Zugzwang (together with source code) is in games/zcode/
djinn.gam [24-Apr-1998]
Djinn! (TADS), by Sean Cassidy. If you think spending 300 years trapped in a bottle at the bottom of the ocean is bad, wait until you see what it takes to earn your freedom!
evolve.gam [29-Apr-1998]
Evolution, the game of evolving life forms (TADS), by Tex "Mex" Brooks [10-Apr-1998]
George (TADS), by Shea Davis
masta.gam [16-Apr-1998]
Masta'mind (TADS), by Riley Hawkins