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1 Items [01-Apr-2000]
All the games entered into the Dinosaur mini-competition, zipped into a single archive. The games are:
  Rowr!, by Gunther Schmidl
  Why did the Dino cross the Road?, by Richard Bos
  d2d, by Simon Lamont
  Encryptment, by Taro Ogawa
  Dinosaur Love, by Peter Berman
  Dino Hunt, by Admiral Jota
  The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner, by Jason McWright
  A Stegosaur's Night Out, by Quentin D. Thompson
  A Dino's Night Out, by Aris Katsaris
  Very Old Dog, by Tony Delgado
  Revenger, by Robb Sherwin
  Deep Brow Lifter, by Neil deMause
  Dinosaur Dinnertime!, by David Clysdale
  An Important Appointment, by Jennifer Earl