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The following are entries to Jason Dyer's Imaginary Games From Imaginary Universes Jam, 2016.

16 Items [21-Feb-2017]
A Game Played By Galaxies, by James Wood. [21-Feb-2017]
Darkest Words: Soldado, by Doug Egan. [21-Feb-2017]
Dreamland Revisited, by Carolyn VanEseltine. [21-Feb-2017]
Gaia's Web, by Nigel Jayne. [21-Feb-2017]
Garbage Collection, by Matt Weiner. [21-Feb-2017]
Mayfly, by Christopher Brent. [21-Feb-2017]
Our Bleak-Ass Writing Competition at the Ragged Verge of Spacetime, by Laura Michet. [21-Feb-2017]
Seachange, by Alex Butterfield. [21-Feb-2017]
ShadowCast, by GuoBruce. [21-Feb-2017]
Sub Way, by B. Pearlstein. [21-Feb-2017]
Synchronicity, by Cat Manning. [21-Feb-2017]
The Final Labyrinth of King Minos, by Ariadno. [21-Feb-2017]
The Interrogation, by Sharang Biswas (with Soundscape by Rebecca Drapkin). [21-Feb-2017]
The Last Rites of Doctor Wu, by MaximumOD. [21-Feb-2017]
Unreal City, by Joey Jones. [21-Feb-2017]
Violets, by Jessica Hammer.