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16 Ways to Kill a Vampire at McDonald's, by Abigail Corfman. (the original competition entry is in games/competition2016/16 Ways to Kill a Vampire at McDonalds/) [16-May-2015]
A Chainsaw Across my Heart, by MonoS. [07-Dec-2016]
A Child Without an Eye: Chapter 1, by RatGrimes. [05-Jul-2014]
A Courier's Tale, by SJ Griffin. [02-Apr-2017]
Book One: A Date With Logan Davenport, release 2, by Lumimon. [27-Aug-2017]
A Day in the Life of Schrödinger's Cat, author unknown. [13-Feb-2016]
A Gift For Mother, by Natalie Zed. [07-Dec-2016]
A girl and a boy, by Emanuel Nordrum. [31-Jan-2017]
A Grim-ish Tale, by Jeremy Wilfinger. [14-Dec-2016]
A History of Publishing, by Marcus Bertrand. [10-Oct-2019]
A house with 14 rooms in it, by DJ Williams. Released under the CC0 licence. [02-Feb-2019]
A thing done and who did it, an artwork by Laurie Lax. [10-Dec-2016]
A Time of Tungsten, by Devin Raposo. Includes mp3 audio files. [01-Apr-2019]
Absent Heroes: Choose Your Own Interview II, by Cara Ellison. Interactive interview with Emily Short, Andrew Plotkin and Adam Cadre. [03-Feb-2019]
The Abyss, version 2.0, by Devi Acharya. [28-Apr-2019]
Accident, by Hossein Tavakkoli. [26-Oct-2017]
Adventuring 101: Rogue Like, by Joshua Castillo. [12-Apr-2017]
Aer, by Albert Casals and Andrea Bolivar. [17-Nov-2017]
After the Blast, by The_Fifth_Horseman. [08-Dec-2016]
Aftermath, by OurJud. [30-Sep-2015]
A Honey Moon, by Ben Gabriel. [07-Dec-2016]
A Hymn Long Silenced, by Lapdog. [06-Oct-2017]
Ajana Path, by Sumana. In the Bengal language. [20-Dec-2017]
All Hail The King!, by Luke Skytrekker. [06-Dec-2016]
All That Remains, by carbo0n4. [02-Oct-2017]
Alone., by Alex Twyman. [01-Jan-2014]
Alone Awake, version 1, by PaperBlurt. [09-Dec-2013]
Alone In Cinder, by Russell Quick. [26-Oct-2017]
Ambush, by Bob Kirkman. This a work in progress. It is to be an interactive case study in professional ethics for engineers. Available now is a draft of the Prologue/Act I. [09-Mar-2019]
Choose your own Anna Anthropy interview, by Cara Ellison. [23-Feb-2016]
Ant Voyage, by Jordana Bungard. [26-Dec-2015]
A Primer On The Capture And Identification Of The Little Folk Of Myth And Legend, by Krishan Coupland. [07-Dec-2016]
The Arcana Cathexis, version 1.11, by Tom "SteepInKline" Kline. [04-May-2018]
Balance of Trade, version 1.8, by Robert Luke Doman. [08-Dec-2017]
Banneker Boulevard, by KittyDaKat. [07-Dec-2016]
The barbarians are coming!, by Daniel Kosacki. [08-Nov-2015]
Beautiful Dreamer, by S. Woodson. [29-Nov-2015]
Belting the Bible, by Aaron Williams. [06-Dec-2016]
Beta Project, by betaproject. [10-Oct-2015]
Beware of the Night Terrors, by Christina Quinlan. [30-Jan-2018]
Birthday Simulator, version 1.2, by Jon Prime. [17-Jul-2018]
BlackJack, by anon. [02-May-2017]
Blocked, by CSCI107. [20-Dec-2016]
Blow Out the Candles, by Luke Skytrekker. [11-Jan-2014]
You're Going To Be Fine, by Vociferocity. [24-Jan-2014]
Broken, by Claudio Medina. [07-Jul-2015]
Broken Wand, by Richard Wilkins. [06-Jun-2015]
Brutal Tendency, by disabledpaladin. [26-Apr-2015]
Buried, by SuperFreak. [15-May-2018]
Burlington Wellness, by BeHumanCentered. An illustrated, empathy-themed choose your own adventure story. [05-Apr-2015]
Burning Questions, by Gray Manichean. [25-Dec-2018]
Cairo Hub, by Bsmith1795. [25-May-2019]
Calling of the Night, by Hellduriel & Pavel Homola. [10-Jan-2018]
Can you stop Jeremy Corbyn from joining ISIS?, by Tom McNally and Ben Edwards. [05-Mar-2014]
Candy's Great Escape, by Lars Engelmann. [13-Jun-2015]
The Cardiff Giant, by G.E.M. [07-Oct-2018]
Cartoon Battle, version 0.5, by Another RPG Enthusiast. [11-Feb-2015]
Cask of Amontillado, by Josh Anders. [06-Dec-2016]
CASTLE DOOMENSTEIN, version 0.2, by Erik Radvon. [24-Feb-2014]
Castle Doomstone, by Strangelander. [18-Apr-2018]
Cave of Wonders, by Adina Mira. [18-Aug-2014]
Chalk Circles, by Paul Jessup. [20-Aug-2014]
Circa Regna Tonat, by JS Choinski. [09-Dec-2013]
Citizens on the Mountaintop: The Story of the Civil War Amendments, by Ted Casaubon. [05-Jun-2018]
Claustrophobia, by Holly F. [28-Feb-2014]
Click, by Derek Douglas. [13-Feb-2017]
Click Agree, by Craig Morrow. [10-Mar-2018]
Clouds in the Sky, by Ibidun. [25-Dec-2018]
Club Night, by antonsart. [21-May-2018]
College, by Imouto's Grief. [07-Dec-2016]
Commander, by Nathaniel Holle. [08-Dec-2017]
commodification, by cesario. [26-Mar-2017]
Communion, by Eneasz Brodski. [17-May-2017]
Coneman and Tupp in No Words for Phindar, a fan-game for the Campaign Podcast, by sometimesmyhandswork. [07-Dec-2016]
A Hunger Games Prequel, by Connor B. [10-Mar-2014]
A Conversation on Cheating the Twine Word Counter, by Mykael. [26-Nov-2014]
Cordyceps Mortalis, by Caeth. [07-Dec-2016]
Cosmonaut, by ShadowKing. "This is a game I'm building in Twine. Not complete
  yet, but enjoy!!!" [01-Jan-2019]
Creative Activist Project AU18, by Rebecca and Lauren. [29-Dec-2017]
Crypt Shyfter: Colossus, by Kung Fu Space Barbarian. Episode 8 of Crypt Shyfter. [29-Dec-2017]
Crypt Shyfter: Exile, by Kung Fu Space Barbarian. Episode 7 of Crypt Shyfter. [17-Aug-2018]
Crypt Shyfter: Limerick, by Kung Fu Space Barbarian. Episode 10 of Crypt Shyfter. [29-Dec-2017]
Crypt Shyfter: Rebellion, by Kung Fu Space Barbarian. Episode 9 of Crypt Shyfter. [15-May-2018]
CrypoCurrency Investment Simulation, by Josh Flores. [10-Feb-2014]
Dad and Chloe, by Romanos Fasoulis. [06-Dec-2016]
Darkened Dreams v.1.1. by StoryP4nda. [02-Apr-2015]
Darkness Fails, by Matt Campbell and Isaac Cook. [03-Oct-2017]
Date Night, by Anonymous. [05-May-2019]
day again, by kathos3. [26-Jun-2019]
Deadly Vacation, by Anonymous [08-Nov-2015]
"death becomes h e r ;;", by faun. [20-Jan-2017]
Departure (Revised), by Malaika Shard. [06-Dec-2016]
The Depths of Sarcasm, version 1.7.3, by Sam Wilson. [06-May-2015]
Dérive I: Santander, by Garm. [10-Jun-2017]
The Devastated Wasteland, by Aaron Wang and Silas Yacyshyn. [26-Oct-2017]
The Devil Tree, by A.I. Wulf. [06-Feb-2017]
Devoted, by TahoeSnow. [04-Mar-2018]
dhan, by litrouke. [02-Sep-2018]
Digestion, by Michael Jozefowicz. [12-Jun-2014]
Dirty Words in the Dictionary, by hcgoldsmith. [20-Jul-2017]
Disabled by..., by Beest. [19-Dec-2016]
Distance, by Zachary Nadel. [22-Apr-2017]
Disturbance, by voidloop. [07-Dec-2016]
Do You Oblige?, by KFK. [13-Jun-2015]
Dragon Dad by Kronosaurus, Yersinasaurus. [07-Dec-2016]
Dragons, Ninjas and Lettuce, version Alpha 1.5, by Anonymous. [29-Dec-2016]
Dreaming, by The Dream Team: Chris, Martin, Quan. [07-Dec-2016]
Dry Winter, version Alpha 1.0, by NinjaBurritoTM. [07-Dec-2016]
Due Process, by Jesse Bradley. [21-Dec-2014]
Duplicita: Episode 1, by Sean Hwang and Doug Lindsay. [01-Aug-2015]
Durian Durian, by James McFay. [11-Jan-2014]
The Editor, by Matthias Conrady. [11-Feb-2016]
Eidolon GGJ2016, by Austin M. Jones. [22-Jul-2018]
Elder Arts, ver. 1.820, by Dillon Deveney, Matthew Frassetti. [09-Jan-2015]
Emma the Trust Fund Baby, by garcia1000. [28-Feb-2019]
Encyclopedia Fuckme and the Case of the Vanishing Entree, by Anna Anthropy. [10-Aug-2017]
End of Days, by Declan Walker. [07-Dec-2016]
Enlightenment, by fantome profane. [22-Feb-2017]
Goosebumps-ish : Escape the House!, by snail. [23-Feb-2019]
Escape Olive, by Justin Reichard. [16-Sep-2013]
Escape from Cluster Zeta, by Paolo Jose Cruz. "You are the newest Ensign aboard the Invisible Hand, an official commercial vessel of the Laissez-Faire Trade Federation. Can you help the crew repair a broken FTL drive before a hostile enemy fleet shows up to reclaim your latest bounty?" [01-Jan-2017]
Ethics AI (Don't Freeze Edition), by Sherry Jones. [07-Dec-2016]
Euphoria, by Martyav. [01-Aug-2015]
Everybody [BLANK] Charlie, by Xavier Rosee. [09-Apr-2014]
Fallout: Vault 17, by Snoother. [27-Aug-2014]
Familiaris, by Greg Klein. [23-Nov-2018]
Farmer Blues, by Blackfish. [26-Oct-2017]
Escape from Fetchville, by Bitterly Indifferent. [10-Oct-2015]
First, by Skryb Anu. [14-Dec-2017]
First Twine Story, by M.Barksdale. [15-May-2018]
Fluurality, by fluuralredemption. [15-Mar-2015]
Forest Walker, by Rajendra M. Shepherd. [18-Nov-2018]
Forgotten Tavern: Food Critical, by Peter M.J. Gross. (the original competition entry is in games/competition2018/The Forgotten Tavern/) [24-Jun-2017]
Found Objects, by Alina. [08-Dec-2017]
France, by Alex Mak, Betsy Larson, Abbie King, John Pascone, Kyle Pasciuto-Kenny. [07-Dec-2016]
Freedom At Any Price, by Beth Wyman. Experience life as a black Civil War soldier. [20-Oct-2017]
Frore Inc., by Tobias Svenblad. [25-Feb-2018]
Fuchs & Unger Jewellery, by Zoran Grabovac. [26-Oct-2017]
Futility, by A.I. Wulf. [07-Dec-2016]
Gaia's Heartbeat, by I.T. 2015. [10-Jan-2018]
Galaxy Sim (Alpha), by Corgan Smith. [03-Jan-2017]
Gallery Exhibition: A Love Story, by Madison Scott-Clary. [10-Jan-2018]
Game of Midlife, by Sarah Asano. [10-Dec-2016]
Game Adventure, author unknown. [06-Dec-2016]
Get Lost!, by S. Woodson. [28-May-2015]
G-G-Ghost!, by disabledpaladin. [08-Dec-2014]
Ghost Highland Way, by Harry Giles. [01-Aug-2015]
Glass Jar, by elizawriteshere. [07-Dec-2016]
Glitch Perfect, by Anonymous. [18-Sep-2013]
(Going:Home), by Scott Almendinger. [30-Apr-2018]
Going Up!, by Joshua R. Ingram. [07-Dec-2016]
Jones N. Forebuts and the Secret of the Golden Butt, by Casper Candlewood. [08-Apr-2017]
GOOD BOY!, by Bailie Karcher. [10-Jun-2017]
Great Fall Forward, by White_Hitch. [25-Nov-2018]
Grimnoir, by ProP. (the original competition entry is in games/competition2018/Grimnoir) [22-Dec-2014]
The Guards of Blizzard Scope, by Andrew Shields. [26-Mar-2015]
Harrison Squared Dies Early, by Daryl Gregory. [21-Feb-2019]
Half life 3 confirmed simulator, by "Me". [29-Dec-2013]
Hallowed, by @mrtavo. [02-Nov-2013]
Hallowmoor, version 1.02, by Mike Snyder. [27-Jul-2017]
Harasho, A Yuri Dating Sim (Girl's Love) about Love Live: School Idol Project, by Ching Lam Yung. [13-Jun-2015]
Harlowe vs Sharpe, by Sage Michael. [18-Apr-2018]
Harper Manor, by Johnathon Posemato. [10-Jan-2018]
HAVEN, by Brooke Burgess. [09-Feb-2018]
Helena's Adventures in Looking Land, by Joel Marler. A Tunnels and Trolls solitaire adventure. (a PDF gamebook version is in games/pdf/Helenas_Adventures_in_Looking_Land.pdf) [18-Dec-2015]
High Top Trail, by the Adventure-Woods MSP 4741 Group. [01-Jan-2019]
History Road, by Rebecca Lastname. [16-Sep-2014]
Hitch Hiker Ring, by Michael Ranegaard and Nikolaj Sloth. [02-Mar-2017]
Horrors Anonymous v1.11, by Ben Chill. "These monsters need professional help.
  Unfortunately, they've come to you instead." [28-Apr-2019]
Hospital, by Anonymous. [08-Dec-2016]
House of Lies, by Brandon Zhou. [10-Jan-2018]
How did Chewbacca get his WOOKIEE BOWCASTER?, by Tom McNally and Ben Edwards. [25-Apr-2017]
Human(it)y, by Deirdre Sprenger. [01-Aug-2015]
Humanity in Exile, by 8-Bit Kemp. [06-Apr-2016]
HummingBird Haunting, by Norbez. [24-Jun-2017]
Hungry Ghost(s), by Gaydarade. [11-Dec-2013]
Hypnagogue, by Mitch Alexander. [02-Mar-2019]
Hypnotic Trance, by hypnosismc. [21-Feb-2019]
I Summon You, by Anna Anthropy. Illustration by Jonathan Hunt. [07-Dec-2016]
In The Immense, by Monsterberg. [12-Mar-2019]
Incomprehensible Casino Enforcer, by Lana Polansky [08-Dec-2016]
The Inquisitors, version 2.5, by Mark Slabinski. [03-May-2017]
The Integration Game, version 1.1, by Gregory Pellechi. [08-Dec-2014]
Inward Narrow Crooked Lanes, by B Minus Seven. (the original competition entry is in games/competition2014/Inward Narrow Crooked Lanes/) [05-Nov-2018]
Isaboo Cat Simulator: A Day in the Life of a Notorious Cat Criminal, by chantillykitty. [07-Feb-2017]
Je Suis Jennifer - DEMO, by Anonymous. [07-Dec-2016]
Juicing Simulator, by emma-bean. [13-Feb-2018]
Jump into a hole and never go back, by Grublet Stavarnoop. [26-Dec-2016]
Just Talk to Them by Raymond Vermeulen. [29-Dec-2017]
Karen's Secret, an erotic fantasy by goddamusername. Warning: contains explicit adult images and text. [11-Jul-2017]
Kemono friends, by Ching Lam Yung. Parody of the anime with the same name. [12-Mar-2014]
Progenitor's Folly: Killing Orders, by Clinton Ma. [28-Apr-2019]
Kitchen IO IB, by Anonymous. Questionnaire game to determine which character you grieve most like, in the book "Kitchen" by Banana Yoshimoto. Used for IB Interactive Oral. [03-Nov-2018]
Klue & Do Murder Mystery, by SeaWolf Design. [21-Sep-2017]
Kutya, by Dylan-C. [24-Jun-2018]
Lake News, version 3.0, by Ben Verschoor. [19-Feb-2014]
Lana's Return, Part 1, by steter90. [14-Jun-2015]
Land's End, by guinevak. [28-Sep-2017]
LanguageQuest - Spanish, by Valera Volkov. RPG-style text adventure game, intended for Spanish learning by English speakers. [23-Feb-2016]
Las Puertas de Solaria / The Gates of Solaria, by Xavi Martinez. The text is in both English and Spanish. [18-Sep-2013]
Last Minute, version 3, by Ruderbager Doppelganger (AKA Hulk Handsome). (the original competition entry is in games/competition2012/web/lastminute/original/) [07-Dec-2016]
Latch Trap, by Florencia Rumpel Rodriguez. [04-Nov-2019]
Let Me Out!!, by Edward Clark. [01-Jan-2017]
Let's Get Better or At Least Different, by 3_2_1_nothanks. [11-May-2017]
Levels over Sky, by Badger Ciar. [21-Sep-2018]
lifeline, by Cygnid. [08-Nov-2015]
Light Beta, by Sam. [30-Apr-2018]
lighthouse, by dcsross. [08-Dec-2016]
Literary Intelligence, by Arielle Davis. [10-Oct-2015]
Little Red Riding Hood, by Adrianna Martin. [01-Aug-2017]
Live from the Bunker, by Gregory Pellechi. [12-May-2019]
Logged In, version beta 1.1, by anChupacabra. [21-Jan-2018]
LongWalk, by ProtossProbe. (the source code is in games/source/twine/Longwalk.html) [09-May-2015]
Lorem Ipsum, by Thom Woodley. [25-Dec-2018]
Adrift in the Ocean of Grief, by Michael Lorentz. [27-Jul-2017]
Lost My Mind, by Xavid. [20-Dec-2015]
Love Forever, by Darlarosa. [10-Oct-2015]
Lullabies and Moss, by B.R. Sanders. [17-Jan-2018]
Machine of Death, version 2, by Hulk Handsome. (the original competition entry is in games/competition2013/web/machineofdeath/) [07-Feb-2017]
Madeline's Story, by Ashley Wentz. [08-Nov-2015]
Magical Makeover, by S. Woodson. [07-Dec-2016]
Manifested Destiny, by Sharry Liang. [06-Dec-2016]
St. Mary-at-the-Quay, version 1.3, by Benjamin Turpin. [02-Sep-2018]
Mass Effect N6, by Well-Prepared Productions. [05-Feb-2017]
Match Made in Steel, by aarthur9. [21-Sep-2019]
Meandering, by Stray. [14-Dec-2016]
MetaQuest, version 3.0, by Soot. "MetaQuest is a trap. Do not 'play' it." [07-Dec-2016]
Mind Games, by "me". [17-May-2017]
Mind Realm, by EarthRipelyy. [04-Jun-2014]
Mirrorwife, by Yoon Ha Lee. [02-Feb-2019]
Mondo of Dogomonno - Planet Zesta, by Vedek Bheemaiah. [03-Nov-2018]
Moon Dreams, by Francois Tremblay. [05-Dec-2016]
Mouth of Ashes, by verityvirtue. [28-Feb-2017]
Ms. Terwilliger's Ring, version 1.2, by Henry Klotz. [26-Dec-2015]
Mug Quest, version 1.1, by Nonstop. [05-Dec-2016]
Murder Simulator, by S.P.A.K. Made for a Forensics class project. [13-Feb-2015]
My Life, by Tulip. [16-Nov-2013]
My Name is Tara Sue, by Maki Yamazaki. [07-Feb-2017]
Hello, Nathan, by The Superior Realms. [07-Oct-2018]
Nevermore, by pimagides. Includes both French and English versions. [file is linked to games/twine/french/] [27-Aug-2017]
Nick's Dilemma - An educational game about Sales Management, by Matthew Schmidt and Andrew Tawfik. [10-Oct-2015]
Night Walk, by SilentBanshee. [05-Feb-2017]
Nineteen, by Kiran (Catherine) Oliver. [02-Feb-2019]
Ninja die-men, by Bobnibu. [10-Nov-2017]
No Love, Deep Space, by CreativelyCole. [02-Sep-2018]
Normal Day, by Gribbler. [04-May-2018]
nose geometry, by evanphantom. [08-Aug-2017]
Nouns, by Andrew Plotkin. Created for the Nanobots Twine compilation album. [20-Jun-2017]
Emoji game, by Enola. [24-Apr-2018]
Object Permanence, by dcsross. [18-Mar-2017]
Order Of The Fallen Chapter 1, by PentemSully. [08-Dec-2016]
Orpheus and Eurydice, by Ethan Chu, Whitley Marshall, John Rendleman, Abhishek Das, Courtney Brady. [02-Mar-2019]
Ouroboros, by Ben Carey. [17-Dec-2015]
Out of Gaz, by @jen5588533. [28-Dec-2015]
Out West, by veoviscool12. [09-Jan-2017]
Panic Mansion, by Kenny Schrader. [06-Dec-2016]
Parzival's Quest, by anm152. [13-Feb-2014]
Passages, by Sandy Baldwin. [06-Dec-2016]
Peasant's Plight, by VoidDragonQueen. [03-Feb-2019]
Personal Project, by Andres Ortiz. [13-Jun-2017]
Petal-Smoke - Story Through Poetry, by anonymous. [24-Jun-2018]
Phil the Library Computer Lab Guy, by Kimberly Keyes. [14-Feb-2016]
Pink, by Xian Xian. [29-Apr-2017]
Plenty, by Paul Younger. [02-Feb-2018]
Pushing Loyal People, version 1.1, by Bitterly Indifferent. [09-Feb-2018]
Portrait of a Troubled Artist, by Joel Marler. A Tunnels & Trolls Solitaire Adventure. (a PDF gamebook version is in games/pdf/Portrait_of_a_Troubled_Artist.pdf) [14-Oct-2017]
Possessives, by John McLean. [08-Feb-2017]
Postponing Destiny, by Lindsey Gregor. [02-Dec-2019]
Mapillary based plant distributions of ethnobotanical distributions: Pre-Talk, by Dr Bheemaiah, Anil Kumar. [29-Jul-2018]
Prequel, by iconoplastics. [25-Aug-2019]
Preventing Suicide- An Infotainment by Vayu Vaidya, by Dr Bheemaiah and Anil Kumar. [28-Sep-2017]
Prologue: Awaken Despair, by Kurai. [20-Jan-2017]
Psyche, by Malaika Shard. [05-Apr-2018]
Pump 'Em Out, by Saltasaurus. [19-Feb-2018]
Puppy Steps, by Conny. [26-May-2019]
queer (re)collections, by Tobias Paul. [06-Jun-2019]
Racing Team Career, by Bharat Ramanathan. [29-Nov-2015]
Rain, by Agnes. [21-Apr-2017]
Re-Entry, by Mary Goodden. [28-Mar-2018]
Read This First, by Jessica Creane. [07-Feb-2017]
Red Fog, by Conor and Jesse. [01-Jan-2014]
Reins, version 1, by Canti. [25-Jan-2017]
Remanence, by Stephanie Chan. [18-Apr-2018]
Remember Remember, by Chandler Cash. [02-Apr-2017]
Rib Lake, by Craig Morrow. [12-Apr-2017]
Rise of the Memelords DEMO, by HughMungus. [12-May-2015]
Rocket Hall, episode 1, by Ian McDonell. [27-May-2017]
How Long Would You Survive In Roman Malton?, by Derventio Brigantum. [07-Jan-2019]
RUN!, by Karnveer Bains. [20-Jan-2017]
Russian Roulette, by Malaika Shard. [08-Dec-2016]
On the Mountain Path to Salerno, by Mark Slabinski. [12-Jun-2014]
Sandbox Supremacy! by R. Morgan Slade. [15-Nov-2014]
Halloween Scarecrow II: Interview with a Scarecrow, by Duncan Bowsman. [08-Feb-2017]
Scholarship: The Game (First Draft), by Gray Manichean. [06-Dec-2016]
Scientific Discoveries, by GalaxyReprise. [01-Jan-2014]
SDIS, version 1.0, by Kent Valentine. [07-Dec-2016]
Seven Dials, by Mooreeffoc (Z.B). Version: BETA (Incomplete). [12-Apr-2014]
Seven point Twenty-Five, by Jason Rubenfire. [06-Nov-2018]
Shadows Out of Time, by Brendon Connelly, Dan Q, and Liz McCarthy (Bodleian Libraries). [24-Apr-2016]
The Shape of Our Container, version 2, by Rocketnia. [17-Jan-2018]
Shapeshifter Scourge!, by Hulk Handsome. [02-May-2014]
Sir Gawain, by Tasha McCartney. [03-May-2019]
Six Shots, by Conor Walsh. [16-Sep-2014]
Sleep, by Snoother. [06-Dec-2016]
Sleepy Puppy's Rest Quest, by Kackington. [28-Apr-2019]
So You Think You Know Allusions, by Allusions19. [04-Sep-2018]
Soft Earth, by Jon Sorce. [07-Dec-2016]
Soft Machine, by Avery S. A semi-erotic horror game. Involves ageplay. [16-Nov-2013]
Solitary, by Luca Hibbard-Curto. [26-Nov-2018]
Somepony Has a Crush on You, Beta 1.1, by The Southern Nerd. [02-Feb-2019]
Space Hostage, by Thomas Cole. [23-Feb-2016]
Space Poop, by Collin Pointon. [25-Apr-2017]
Spaceship Exploding, by Cameron Workman. [07-Dec-2016]
The Spectrap, version 2, by Alex Ball. [26-Dec-2015]
Spit or Swallow, by Ibrahim S. Amin. [02-Mar-2015]
Spongiform, by Ryan Robinson. [06-Dec-2016]
Sportsball, by ISTA Group. [10-Oct-2015]
Still Alive, by Wayward Brawn. [07-Jan-2017]
Stink Bug Plague, by zephyo. [11-Apr-2014]
Everything you swallow will one day come up like a stone, by Porpentine. [12-May-2019]
Strange Encounter in Space, by suchamazingdoge. [17-Dec-2015]
subVegas, by Joel Traylor. [03-Nov-2018]
Survival, by Britain Modean. [05-Dec-2016]
Swedish Dads, by Xian Xian. [02-Dec-2019]
A SWOT Help Page for a VARS model, by Dr Bheemaiah, Anil Kumar. [16-Sep-2014]
A Tale of the Cave, by Snoother. Part of RuinJam. [06-Mar-2014]
Target: Cynthia - Chapter 1, by Cynthia Dawn. [07-Dec-2016]
Tech-Knuckle-Support, version 0.1, by Steven Morgan. [14-Oct-2015]
Terminal, by Fredheadeded. [27-Jan-2017]
A Farewell to Terra, version 1.10, by Ethan Burgess. [05-Nov-2018]
Terraota, version 0.6, by Sriram Venkatakrishnan. [07-Nov-2015]
Test Story, by Octopolluted. [05-May-2019]
That Night at Henry's Place, by Jei D. Marcade. [15-Oct-2019]
The 5th Circle, by RyanCG. [12-Jan-2019]
The adventure of Barry, by Dande. [09-Feb-2018]
The Adventures of Sheeba Inushka, by Mellie DeHiraeth. [08-Dec-2016]
The Anxious Object, by Karol El Masri. [14-Aug-2017]
The battle with the Half-Orc, by Zack. [07-Dec-2016]
The Boogie Man, by MrRadagast. [20-Jun-2015]
The Cabin, by Nurmburg Rockfish. [30-Apr-2018]
The cave, by Hotvott. [13-Jun-2015]
The Choice is Yours, by zombmia. [07-Dec-2016]
The Dead: A Story, by John Leo. [01-Jan-2019]
The Early 1900s: An Interactive Story, by Bayleef0909. [18-Jan-2017]
The End, by EyedNine. [03-Feb-2019]
The Epsilon Boötis Project, by Keith Waterfield. [21-Sep-2019]
The Eternal Adventures of Tits Magee, by Kayleigh Van Overen. [16-Dec-2016]
The First Day, by Brett Chalupa. [06-May-2018]
The First Time, by Marianne O'Sullivan. [10-Oct-2015]
The Fragility of Hate, by Peter Freeman. [10-Dec-2016]
The Futographer, by Lyle Skains. [23-Dec-2017]
The Ghostbustlers in Quoth the Raven: "DEATH!", an improving tale of utter horror for young ladies, by Unshaved Mouse. [30-Sep-2015]
The Haunting at HKE, by Ben Gabriel. [10-Oct-2015]
The Highwayman, an adaptation of Alfred Noyes' ballad, adapted by Jamie Phelan. [18-Apr-2018]
The House of Ebony on the Planet Jubilee, by Perry P. [22-Mar-2018]
The Ice Block, by Raúl Castellano. [07-Dec-2016]
The Immortal Cage, by PIGEOSO N THE GROUP (Mars Lizard, The Centaur Polyphemus, and Carl). [07-Dec-2016]
The Jinni, by Alexander Newcombe. [22-Jan-2017]
The Legacy, by K.Fishbein. [03-Dec-2017]
The Life of Lionel, by Paul. [10-Jan-2018]
The Lost Princess, by Elizabeth Kellingley. [11-Feb-2015]
The Martian Fields, by Andrew Watt. [26-Mar-2018]
The Missing Stars, version 1.1, by Paradox Abominations. [24-Apr-2016]
The Missing T, by Anonymous. [03-Mar-2018]
The Moonwalkers: An Interactive Journey, by Ethan Underhill. [11-Jul-2017]
The Morning After The Night Before, by Hazel-Rah. [10-Jan-2018]
The Official Radiohead at Glastonbury 2017 Video Game, by Tom McNally and Ben Edwards. [17-Aug-2019]
The Painter of Devil's Fangs, by Aiden Pain. [05-Mar-2018]
The Post-Apocalyptic Quest for Toilet Paper, by Pengyou. [13-Feb-2018]
The Public Tarot: Generative Fortunes, by Marilyn Roxie. [26-Nov-2017]
The Queen, by Elliot Yokum. [03-Feb-2019]
The quest, version 0.1, by Cret Ferity. [18-Jan-2018]
The Road to Adventure, by Mighty Owlbear. [21-Jul-2019]
The Scent of Death, release 2, by Derek Labat. [10-Dec-2016]
The Silence of the Night, by vrusciante. [25-Dec-2018]
The Snowman and the Reindeer, by Druidsleep5. [07-Jul-2019]
The Sock Puppet Killer, by Jason Cantalini. [08-Dec-2016]
The Space Within, by Drew Stanke. [17-Nov-2018]
The Sword, by Arianna Eiler. [22-Jan-2017]
The Theft of the Anathema of Vorus, by Audrey Higgins. [07-Dec-2016]
The Time Travelling Watch, by smolblooky. [15-Mar-2017]
The Traveler and the Old Mill, by Nimbus. [03-Feb-2019]
The Void Horizon, by Mayara Albuquerque. [02-May-2017]
The White Bird, by Matthew James. [10-Dec-2014]
The Entropy Cage, version 1.0.1, by Stormrose. [07-Dec-2016]
The Horizon, by atb. [17-Jan-2018]
The Hunting Lodge, version 2, by Hulk Handsome. (the original competition entry is in games/mini-comps/ectocomp/ [30-Apr-2017]
There Was a Woman, by Maria. Includes Twee source code. [08-Nov-2015]
The Woods, by Nick Filauro. [14-Jun-2015]
Three Dragons, by Tim Samoff. [06-Dec-2016]
Three Little Pigs, by JD Chan. [07-Mar-2017]
Tickle my Goose, by Jon Bardi. [10-Nov-2017]
Lost in Time, by Gerardo Adesso. [28-Apr-2019]
Time For Some Real Fun, by Allusions19. [09-Jun-2014]
Tiny Cave, by Healy. [25-Dec-2016]
TL-MEGA-777-13, by DWaM. [25-Dec-2018]
Toby's Misadventure, by yoon. [01-Aug-2019]
Tombs of Earth and Oak, by Tobias Paul. [07-Dec-2016]
To The Lighthouse - final chapters, by Juli-Flor-Cyn. [01-Apr-2019]
Touchstone, by Edward Wang. [15-May-2018]
transhumanist media: hell, by quinland zoë elizabeth & dana. A group project for class. [29-Nov-2015]
Transilience, by Glass Rat Media. [30-Jan-2014]
Traveler, by Charlotte Racioppo. [16-Feb-2017]
True Crit, by Adam Williams. [14-Sep-2015]
Truth be untold, version 1.1, by Pseudavid. [25-Aug-2019]
Turrak's Classics: The Prison, by Turrak Rusk. [06-May-2014]
Twine Story, by Mike69420666. [18-Sep-2013]
Two, by Tylor. [06-Dec-2016]
Ukraine Ghost Story, by Rhea Dykoski. [25-Mar-2014]
Umbra Station Chapter 1: Awakening, by Sam Foxall. [18-Jun-2014]
Under a Mountain, by niinik. [17-Aug-2018]
Understudied, by Jonathan Laury. [01-Apr-2019]
Unfinished Duet, by Richard Siken. [21-Feb-2019]
Unpredictable Storyline Twists 2, by Pierre Chevalier. [30-Mar-2019]
Velcro Church, by Ben Carey. [04-Jun-2014]
Vigil, by Jodediah Holems. [17-Oct-2014]
Viscura - Origins, by Lee Hulme. [08-Dec-2016]
Vlad the Impala, by Pumpkin B. Parjeter. [05-Jun-2018]
Waffles the Space Clown, version 1.3, by Morgan James Gavin. [26-Dec-2015]
Walking with Spirit Bear, by Faye Iolanthe and Christina Borek. [21-Sep-2019]
We've Got Water, by Marilyn Glazar. [02-Jun-2017]
Weight Gain Story Compilation, by Melinda Hylia-Daemajin. Warning: Contains Adult Content Content by multiple contributors. A collection of stories from places such as DeviantArt,, and Animexpansion. [26-May-2019]
What to do? version 1.1, by Janos Biro. A tiny twine game for the Anti-fascist Game Jam. Portuguese version is at games/twine/portuguese/ [01-Aug-2015]
When I die, I want you to have all of my stuff, by elizawriteshere. [16-Dec-2017]
Which Space Babe are you?, by sazb. [15-May-2018]
White House Crisis, by Death To Moochie. [02-Sep-2018]
Who to Haunt?, by Katie Benson. [07-Dec-2016]
WhoDunnIt, by Oranges. [02-Mar-2015]
Wingin' It, by Kaitlynn Peavler. [23-Feb-2016]
WitherOver, by boak. [14-Jan-2015]
Wolf Skin, by Amanda French. [09-Dec-2013]
Workday Choices, by PaperBlurt. [06-Dec-2016]
Workers In Progress: Special Edition - Progress Harder, version 0.9.4, by Konstantinos Dimopoulos. [04-Feb-2017]
Wormhole, by Frank Ferrao. [04-May-2018]
Would you like to try again?, by nerdygeekyscience. [17-Nov-2018]
Wretch, by Josh Labelle. [20-Apr-2014]
You are Alone, by Dan McGrath. [02-Jan-2017]
YOUR SMARTCAR EXPERIENCE, by BinaryDoubts. [14-Jun-2015]
Your Sword is Rather Plain, Chapter 1 - The Quest for Starbucks, by Waywardautarch. [07-Feb-2017]
ZAC Investigators and the Case of the Dinosaur Tracks, by Kos Scribe. [17-Jan-2018]
Zero Bars, by Hulk Handsome. [08-Oct-2014]
Ziva's Conjury Mart, by Tory Hoke. [21-Feb-2019]
Zombie Ninja Confessional, by Whisperbat.