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This directory contains games which may be played under the Vax VMS operating system.

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mmm.exe [03-Jun-2019]
Mystery Mansion rev 16 for VAX/VMS, by Bill Wolpert. link date/time: 3-DEC-1982 09:15:46.72 Most likely ported by someone who had access to the HP fortran sources. Rescued from a microvax 3800 in Padua (Italy). [26-Oct-2001]
ZK, an adventure running under OpenVMS, written by William B. Lees and Edmund D. Sullivan. Includes VAX and Alpha executables plus documentation. [15-Aug-2001]
Dungeon, the original mainframe MIT adventure game from which Zork I, II, and III were adapted. Includes an executable and FORTRAN source code.