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8 Items [09-Aug-2006]
Achievements version 1, by Mikael Segercrantz. Provides a table-based way of assigning scores to actions, rooms and objects. [26-Dec-2006]
Atmospheric Effects version 4, by Mikael Segercrantz.
Currency.i7x [01-Oct-2012]
Currency, version 2/121101, by Zorkfire Games. An extension providing a system for implementing currency, including values for coins and bills. [07-Jun-2006]
Planner version 1, by Nate Cull. An extension for creating NPCs that, given a goal, perform actions to achieve the goal. [06-Jul-2006]
Multiple Exits version 1, by Mikael Segercrantz. Allows the creation of exits with multiple possible destinations. [29-Jun-2006]
Reactable Quips version 2, by Michael Martin. A table-based approach to NPC conversation chains, as well as allowing rules to fire on lines of conversation. [19-Jul-2006]
Scheduled Activities version 2, by John Clemens. An extension that allows activities to be scheduled at absolute and relative times. [03-Jul-2006]
Shipboard Directions version 1, by Mikael Segercrantz.