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This directory contains the source code for games written on the Phoenix system at Cambridge University, England.

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Avon [28-Mar-2010]
Source code for Avon, by Jonathan R. Partington
BrandX [28-Mar-2010]
Source code for BrandX, by Jonathan Mestel and Peter Killworth [27-Apr-2014]
Cloak of Darkness, Roger Firth's example adventure for comparing authoring systems, ported to TSAL (the adventure language used to write the Phoeix games) by Richard Bos. Archive includes source code and compiled Z-code. [file is linked to phoenix/games/zcode/]
Crobe [22-Mar-2010]
Source code for Crobe, by J.R. Partington
Fyleet [28-Mar-2010]
Source code for Fyleet, by J.R. Partington
Hamil [28-Mar-2010]
Source code for Hamil, by Jonathan R. Partington
Murdac [28-Mar-2010]
Source code for Murdac, by Jonathan R. Partington
Nidus [28-Jul-1999]
Source code for Nidus, by Adam Atkinson [15-Nov-2011]
The Perl script and Inform libraries used to restore the Phoenix games, written by Graham Nelson, Adam Atkinson, Gunther Schmidl, and David Kinder.
Sangraal [28-Mar-2010]
Source code for Sangraal, by J.R. Partington
Xeno [18-Jul-1999]
Source code for Xeno, by Jonathan Mestel