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This directory contains files relating to AGI, the text and graphics adventure authoring system used by Sierra during the 1980s.

9 Items [25-Jun-1998]

A collection of DOS-based utilities in Russian for making and playing AGI games. [25-Jun-1998]

AGIC v1.42 by Floating Hills Software. An AGI compiler for Win32, which runs off the command line. Uses the older, non-enhanced syntax. [05-Oct-1996]

AGIHACK version 1.0b1, by Peter Kelly. Displays resources of Sierra On-Line games written with AGI (Adventure Game Interpreter, about 1985-88). This beta version can only show sprites and animations. [25-Jun-1998]

AGI Studio v1.31 by Peter Kelly. The complete AGI suite for Windows 95. Compiles an enhanced form of LOGIC code, edits VIEW resources, adds, deletes, renumbers resources, and edits the OBJECT and WORDS.TOK files. Comes with Template v1.11. [25-Jun-1998]

MATS v2.42 by Martin Tillenius. A compiler for AGI LOGIC resources, which uses an older syntax than AGI Studio. MS-DOS [25-Jun-1998]

PicEdit v1.2 by Lance Ewing. Edits PIC resources for AGI games. Plugs into AGI Studio v1.3 or above. [11-Dec-1995]

SCI Decoder and SCI Decoder VGA v1.0, by Carl Muckenhoupt. Displays the text and picture data of Sierra On-Line games written with SCI (Sierra Creative Interpreter, about 1988-93). Not supported any longer; do not try to register this tool. [25-Jun-1998]

ShowLog v1.2b by Lance Ewing. Decodes a LOGIC resource to text format. [25-Jun-1998]

XV3 by Lance Ewing. Extracts resources from version 3 AGI games.