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This directory contains WorldClass, a class library designed for use with High Energy Software's TADS (Text Adventure Development System). It completely replaces the ADV.T that comes with TADS.

Written by Dave Baggett for ADVENTIONS, and now supported by David Haire. Current release: 2.5.1

8 Items [08-Nov-2001]
A collection of Worldclass extension classes
History.txt [08-Nov-2001]
Modification history of Worldclass, plain text
license [08-Nov-2001]
WorldClass Software License [08-Nov-2001]
WorldClass Author's Manual version 2.2, by Paul Francis Gilbert. PostScript, Word for Windows, and plain text files.
readme [08-Nov-2001]
WorldClass Pre-release Version 1.0 Notes
test.gam [08-Nov-2001]
Compiled example world
test.t [08-Nov-2001]
Example world for WorldClass [08-Nov-2001]
WorldClass source files, version 2.5.1